Lately in the mail

I have been receiving some nice little goodies from my friendly postman recently

i signed up for the Sue Daley 
"this goes with that"
from Kerry at

the package is fantastic, i received the first two months
as i signed up a little late
i received lots of papers

thread, needles

and all these super yummy fabrics

i am trying really hard to resist the temptation
of playing with these
(okay , okay i admit it, i have made one already)

i have a few deadlines which i really need to focus on
the least of which is my
which is now 6 days late

but thankfully it is all batted up and the label is on
so i am hoping to start quilting tonight . . . .

i also received this very  intriguing book
which explores the idea that quilts were used as signals
in the 
underground railway during
the American civil war
i love the history of quilts and am really interested in getting into this book

other than this not much happening down here
excepts lots of spring cleaning
mainly in my backyard
my pool now looks fit to swim in and most of the weeds in 
the garden beds have been

hope your hands have been working on something that you love



You will have so much fun with thes Trish....the book looks great
Fiona said…
your new project looks so great... are you going to do the next SAL.. there are so many lovely things around....
have fun with the EPP's.....hope to see the TTS done pretty's very exciting.........

the book looks interesting..........
Farm Girl said…
A lovely new project to keep you busy ...... nice! That book looks interesting, I'd love to hear how you enjoy it.
Allie said…
Ooh how pretty and fun!! That book looks very good - the history of quilts fascinates me too. I admit to being jealous of that pool...
What a lovely'll love that English Paper Piecing, but beware, it's very addictive I've found!!! that interesting book....
Lyn said…
Have fun with your new project...the book looks interesting... the underground railway quilts was the theme of one of the Elm Creek books which was intriguing so am interested to hear what you think of this one too..which of course will be more factual...
Linda said…
Have fun with your new projects...and the book too! That sounds really interesting. I have been Fall gardening here to get my yard ready for winter...but our winters are pretty mild here...just been doing lots of trimming! Enjoy the day!!

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