tah dah . . . . . all finished thanks to my Friday night sew in

My Tis the season stitch a long quilt
all finished

i snuggled up on my lounge, my dear hubby popped the rugby on the television
and i stitched and stitched until my little fingers were all sore and crampy
(not really)

Tis the season with Newcastle beach in the background

on the safety rail with the ocean off the coast of Newcastle in the 

i am so thrilled with it now and feel such a 
sense of achievement
my first quilt sew in  conjunction with 
all my new blogger friends

and only 24 days late . . . 

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Susan said…
Congrats on your finish, Patricia. Looks great witht he view in the background.
Congratulations, you now have something ready to use at Christmas time and you won't feel rushed. I like the Australian summery colours. Great job!
Unknown said…
Congrats on your finish I Love the Border Fabric your Quilt is Lovely.
Allie said…
Yay sweetie it is just gorgeous!!! Congratulations on a wonderful finish!! And what gorgeous views, wow...
gorgeous........welldone........love your quilt.......and the photo shoot location is beautiful....thanks for being part of the SAL...........
Congratulations! Your quilt is gorgeous and love your beach location for photoshoot!
Nicky said…
Well done, it looks amazing, so very pretty! Great photo spot too.
Anita said…
Great finish!!! Love the colours you chose.
Lorraine said…
Congrats on the finish....you were scared of Chooky right?? Love the choice of location for the photo shoot.
Jenny said…
looks great , well done , love the colours. nice background too ... the sea mmmmm... a long way from here.
rosie said…
Fantastic Patricia.. your quilt is beautiful...
I love your quilt! What a great finish. I'm a new follower. :o)
Nice to *meet* you. And what a beautiful setting to take photos!!
Ann said…
Congratulations on your finished quilt - I love the beautiful view in the background :)
I am loving this quilt... looks fabulous, and such a great backdrop for your photos!!

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