Whats in a name?

Lots of my bloggy friends have been telling  their story of how they got their name
this was all started by a curious little blogger called
so i thought  i should tell my story as well

so i was a lurker just like Cardygirl, there were several blogs that i particularly liked to lurk at, Leanne Beasley's, Cinderberry stitches and  one of my particular favourites was 
 actually it was on Chooky's site that i first heard about 
i also really loved visiting a blog called 

so at my second trip to nundle for GDITC i found myself sharing a table with
we were all chatting away when i leaned over and said to
Kerry who's Chookyblue ?.... she laughed and pointed out Chooky
just like Cardy girl i was like a teenager who just discovered that her pop gods were in front of her 
(for me it was Duran Duran....aghhh i am showing my age)
 Kerry introduced  us
and Chooky spent the remainder of the weekend convincing me i should start a 
blog, i have to admit i had already been thinking about it

So the name.....well i always seem to have 
too  many things going on
too many hats to wear
too many eggs in my basket

Hope your hands are working on something that you love



Cardygirl said…
And I first thought you were an egg donor! Love the story...and have loved getting to know you! Duran Duran...oh you are younger than me!
Allie said…
That's a great story and a great name, sweetie! Love the look of your stitchery!
I love the name..........describes you perfectly........might need to get some personal security for GDITC next year..........lol........imagine your life without blogging..........you wouldn't have met me or Cardygirl.....and had meets with us and Shiralee Stitches........
Margaret said…
Yeah Too many eggs in one basket sounds like a busy person, IU am enjoying reading the blog names ,
Janet said…
Love your blog name - I must confess I feel that way too. Thanks for sharing your story. Chockeyblue must be quite the gal - her blog is interesting but I can't figure out how to follow it on Google Reader.
Great story.....GDITC is soon to be a bloggers reunion....I hope you are going next year...what would we do without our Chooky...
I love these stories and that stitchery pattern. Where can I find it?
Mama Bear
rosie said…
Chooky made me come over!! I really laughed at you and Cardy girl!!! I would have been the same with Chooky!! Looking forward to reading more..
Jenny said…
I was at Shiralee Stitches table this year at GDITC. We had a lovely time. I like you, was encouraged by Chooky to blog.Not sure how she keeps up with all of her proteges. Now I love it. Sounds like a good idea to tell our name stories on our blog. Love your story.

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