Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Coite's camping

 About 12 years ago two couples were laughing and chatting
 and sharing a drink or two
they came up with the idea that they should take
their then young children
camping for Easter

they debated where they should go and ultimately decided to 
place a map of NSW 
on the garage wall and throw a dart
where ever it landed would be the place they would camp

over the years the group grew and grew as more friends joined the
Easter camp 

somewhere along the line the group gave themselves a name
The Coite family. . . .

there is some uncertainty as to how the name came about
it is now campfire folklore
some think it has something to do with antics around the campfire
reminiscent of the Russell Coight show
others think it had something to do with some one having 
an itchy Coite . . .

 These are the first arrivals for Coite's easter 2011
I travelled up on Wednesday with our good friends 

it was my first time towing the trailer 
on gravel roads and  I was  more than 
a little nervous, driving DH 's pride and Joy

but all went well and three Coite families were in residence by nightfall

by midday Thursday 
my DH and girls had joined us and we were expecting another
family after lunch

By ten on Friday all but one Coite family had arrived and they were expected
at any time

Saturday and our family was complete
we welcomed another new family into the fold this year
which brought us to a total of 8 families this year

Our family joined the Coite family about 4 years ago
at that time they were still camping in the same place
 they had first found with the dart
Sadly that place became too small for the expanding family
we were fortunate that one member of the family came across this great spot
and we have now had our second year at our new location
and we love it

To be continued . . . .
I have heaps more to share with you 
about my camping weekend

until then
take care


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An oldie but a goodie

I was over visiting linen and rasberry's blog 
and she referred to a UFO that she had retreived
 as an oldie but a goodie, and i thought to myself 
i like that phrase so here it is 
my own oldie but a goodie

This is little misses quilt
it was started about 2 1/2 years ago

it still has one more border to go
a border that has a spray of needle turn appliqué draped around the corner

This is not something that will be finished
 by then end of the month
but maybe by the end of winter 
( and i am only talking about the appliqué)
it may be possible
so i guess my goal is to have the borders on this quilt appliqué complete
by the end of  spring
(yeah i know i just sneaked another 3 months in but
 i do have my stitch a-long to do as well)

 i will be having a little break from blogging over Easter

so i would just like to wish 
all my new blogging friends
a very happy easter, may you be surrounded by those you love
and have a great project in your hands


Monday, April 18, 2011

Dr Who, the football and a Mocha at my new favourite cafe

Miss M LOVES Dr Who she also loves the Beatles,
she inherited her great taste from her mother

I can vividly recall many afternoons hiding out in my room, watching Dr Who doing battle 
with the Daleks.....

although i have to say that Tom Baker is no where
 near as attractive as 
Matt Smith and David Tennant

anyway Little Miss knowing her sisters loves and having come across this
image of four of the doctors crossing the road 
in Beatles Abbey rd style
spent many hours free hand drawing and then cutting a template 
so that she could screen print the image
onto a pillow slip for her sister
she was a bit disappointed as the image smudged slightly
but honestly i think she did a great job

 Ausgrid stadium the new revamped Knights home grounds  
Ausgrid Stadium
we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon, with our very good friends watching the
the Knights play Cronulla

at one point it looked like we had the game easy, but Cronulla didn't let the 
score board stay like that and 
staged a comeback, making it a very exciting game

Now i know you are probably thinking, Hmm football, 
have i got the wrong blog ?
 My husband loves his footy and long ago i decided that to 
understand why he disappeared to the footy 
,i needed to go along and see what the fuss was about
 and now i really quite enjoy it
we always go as a family, 
okay granted the girls have taken there ipods, nintendo's and books at times
and i have been known to take my knitting
but we cheer and shout along with all the other die hard supporters

oh and this weekend i tipped the perfect round......

this is what's left of a really yummy  Mocha 
little Miss and i headed off this morning to the local op shops
 in search of items we need
for a fancy dress night we have coming up
Little miss was also looking for t shirts 
she could use to screen print on
we decided we needed to recharge the batteries and headed into a nearby cafe
i ordered a skinny mocha
(now the logic here is that if i have skim milk i won't feel guilty about the chocolate syrup calories), 
when it arrived i had a glass of coffee
and a chocolate stick which you stirred in the coffee until it melted
it was very yummy
and was balanced by a very healthy fruit salad

Miss M is on a promise to go for coffee very soon

Until next time
I hope your hands are working on something that you love

Patricia xxx

Friday, April 15, 2011

a sore tail and a new project

Cooper has had a miss- hap, 
we are not really sure what happened
but i did catch him tormenting our resident Blue tongue
but he also likes to bark at the dog next door, 
and one of our fence paling's is down
 so either way something got him and he has a nice chunk missing out of his tail

lucky mummy is a champion bandager

I purchased these about three weeks ago and have been anxiously waiting 
for the arrival of the tis the season book

a close up of some of the fabrics
Cath, the owner of my favourite quilt shop was a little surprised
by my choice

i am usually not a brights kind of girl 
and usually select country coloured fabrics 
but i just loved these

ready to go . . . .
got the light box out 
got my pigma pen ready
and the footy is on

hope your hands are making something you love

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brambles beret and Gramma pie

 This is Miss M's hat
when i started little Misses hat, Miss M asked if she was getting one?
of course, what would you like .....?

"don't know".. . . .  was the reply
 so i visited my favourite free online knitting site,
and after opening many sites i found this
Miss M likes berets so the pattern was approved and i set to work, 

this is not Miss M modelling the Beret, 
(she avoids the camera as much as possible)
i think the beret came out really nice. . . .and i enjoyed the challenge of the cables
maybe i should look for one for me. . . . 

do you remember this picture, and i challenged you to tell me 
what it was well it is a 
i grew up around an area where pumpkins and Gramma's were a favoured crop
so  Gramma pie's have been a staple in my household
 since i was pretty young

this year for the first time i had a go at making it myself, 
the recipe  i made was pretty close to what my mum 
has always made,
 the pastry looked pretty rough
but the pie tasted great and was extremely popular, 
both pies were gone within 3 days
(we shared them with our neighbours and friends)
i have  lots more gramma, and a new recipe to try . . . 
so i guess it is back to the kitchen

i decided to do some playing with some night photography,
a glow stick, a tripod and a camera, heaps of fun
i know it looks fuzzy but that's not because the camera moved 
it 's the movement of the glowstick, i like the effect though
all you need is LOVE

i finished late this afternoon
and this is what i saw from the verandah
after seeing the beautiful sunset from  Chooky's place
 I thought i would share my sunset with you

hope you all are happy and healthy 
and your hands are busy doing what you love


Friday, April 8, 2011

I ve been baking. . . .

with the onset of the cooler weather, and the rain
i have switched into winter mode and the baking has begun
(it never really stops, but i do love baking in the winter, 
the oven warms the kitchen up)

from Donna Hay magazine

chopping, whilst my lovely assistant prepare s the other ingredients

Okay at the moment it does look gross and yes there is a lot of butter

in the pan, i love my new mini bundt tin 
it makes the cakes look like healthy  
(well they are a little bit healthier)

Taahh dahh . . . they were so yummy, great with home made egg custard, it's a good thing my neighbours chook's lay well

more chopping

can you guess what this is ?

speaking of yummy things . . .

Tess has a give away.. to celebrate the opening of her new shop
12 really lovely fat quarters and a lacy button
you should pop over and have a look

hope you are all having a great day


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advent calendar

Another project out of the basket . . . .

Anni Down's Advent Calendar
from A Christmas Story

i really like taking these close up shots

i actually took these photo's a few days ago 
and was going to post them to show you all 
what i was up to,  
but things have been very busy around here . . .
and after a late night stitching session . . . .
taaahh dahhhh

sorry the photo is a little dull, but i was  having trouble with lighting

so i took it back outside , in between the rain . . .
sorry Chooky but we have had alot, i keep trying to send it your way 
but . . .
it seems to like hanging around the coast 

i am not sure why but this is my favourite bauble

 i made a  bit of a mistake with the baubles, i cut out a larger size template
and it wasn't until i had almost finished all the baubles 
that i realised
my girls very kindly reassured me by saying
don't worry mum
it looks like our Christmas tree
full to the brim . . . .

i still need to get the marking off this
but couldn't wait to show you

i guess now i have to wait a few months before i get to use it

hope your all happy and healthy


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out of the basket: Stoner beanie

well i have been very into my basket this last week or so, 
and with the completion of another set of night duties 
came the completion of a project from the basket........

when i headed up to Nundle little Miss (my youngest) put in a request for 
some wool for a beanie
of all the beautiful colours i could of bought, she was adamant 
 she wanted black

 this is the completed beanie
she calls it a stoner beanie, i asked why

 she shrugged and said " i don't know"
i offered maybe it is because they can hide  their pot in the back of the hat
she grinned and said maybe

anyway she is thrilled with her beanie and apparently i have a few commissions
it was very popular at school

this is a sneak peak of another project in the basket, it's been lingering 
deep down in the bottom of the basket for a while
and has finally made it's way back into my hands i must say i am enjoying it and am playing with new methods 
of stitching thanks to chookyblue and farm girl

and  this is my supervisor and constant companion, Cooper
i had the opportunity to have some stitching time yesterday afternoon
so i made a pot of tea and set up in the lounge room
it was nice and sunny and everyone else was at work / school
a rare peaceful period

i did some stitching and cooper did some supervising the best way he knows how
with his eyes shut......

Hope your having a great day