So for the past week and a half i have been holidaying at beautiful
Fingal Bay

i have heaps of photo's to show you so you best make a cuppa and sit down 

okay this is what happens when i work out how to use 
all the cool gadgets that my photoshop program has

i have worked out how to do panorama's 

 this photo was 5 separate photo's combined 
pretty clever ...huh

i love the ocean and all the amazing patterns it create's
i can see a FMQ design here....somewhere

another gorgeous shot taken on my early morning walk

yep that's my shadow ..... bit curvy in spots but so am i

and below is what is going to help me smooth out those curves

my new Bike, nope Santa didn't bring me a bike, i got this gorgeous gal 
just before christmas

i have been hooning around everywhere all over the bay 
on my pushy, i had forgotten just how much fun 
riding a bike was
(mind you it is pretty flat around here and home has a lot more hills)

as a young girl i spent hours riding my bike
i am sure my mum actually thought
 i was physically attached to it
ironically my first bike was green and so is this beauty

and just in case you all thought i had given up on sewing 
and have been spending all my time on the beach with 
my toes in the sand
ereader in my hands 

i have proof

this gorgeous cross stitch is another of my tri centenury projects
(it will be finished sometime in the next three hundred years)

i leave this stitchery in the camping trailer 
just in case 
i run out of things to do

.......  hold on i just fell over laughing  ....... 
(i never have nothing to do)
but i do sometimes need a bit of a diversion

this is what it may look like one day......i nearly have the roof finished

this is what i took to the bay to work on 
the area outlined in pink 
is what i had done when i got here
all the rest has been completed here 
during the afternoons chatting with 
family and friends

hope you have all had a lovely christmas new year period

and that your hands are working on something that you love

is having a great little give away
so pop on over to her site
and have a look

i have been doing lot's of blog visiting the past few days
there are so many gorgeous BOM projects 
happening at the moment

I hope your hands are working on something that you love

Ciao for now


I love my bike riding at the beach too...didn't do much for my figure yet though!!!.....need to seriously address that issue this year.....lovely photos...glad you had a nice time....
Susan said…
Lovely part of the world - sounds like you had a great break. I have rediscovered bike riding too - enjoy!
Fiona said…
Lovely beach pictures... I am definitely jealous!!! you have some beaut craft projects on the go too...
top spot, great photos I need some all your projects Trish, and she is a beauty..
quilterliz said…
G'day. Beautiful photos. I have been "thinking" of getting a bike, but that's about as far as I have got !!! Take care. Liz...
beautiful pics.............I used to ride my bike a fair bit as a kid..........beautiful pics and glad your having a nice time...........
rosie said…
I am so envious of your holiday...
Love all your projects, but especially the little needleturn one at the bottom.. What is it that you are working on?

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