The first week of the new year continues to be Almost as pleasant as the first day….well i did have to go to work at one point . . . but otherwise very nice…

. . . This . . . 

Do you all remember my disastrous attempts at free motion quilting……well actually machine quilting at all???  My walking foot quilting leaves a lot to be desired last time I did it as well . . . . .

Well I have resolved that 2012 will be the year that all that will be a thing of the past  
I am on a mission, a mission to learn how to free motion quilt (and get my walking foot quilting up to speed as well)

So I have joined
 SewCalGal  's FMQ 2012 challenge
And Leah Day 's FMQ challenge and I have been reading  and watching 
I can find on line….i have even purchased a book or two to guide me as well .
These are some of the sites that I have found very interesting so far

this one was unreal had me dragging gadget to the wood section of Bunnings 
have a look at this one, you will have to page down but wow what an inspration

Sew Cal and Leah both suggest that you practice your designs by sketching on paper until the design becomes second nature that way when you get to the machine you just need to co ordinate your hands and the speed of the machine, kep your stitch length even and do a pretty design . . . . . sounds easy doesn’t it . . . .
I KNOW it’s not but that’s okay I have 358 days to learn this . . . .and so as my very goods friends in blogging land you are going to have to hear all about it . . .

Now to the that…..
I have been doing more than reading on the net, working eating and sleeping I have evens queezed in a little sewing time

I have cut the pieces for the final five blocks for Durlindana

And I have been needle turn appliqueing  (didn’t think that was a word but the computer said yes)
This is Miss S’s quilt and you will be seeing a lot of this as it is also my mission to get this quilt batted up ready for hand quilting by the end of the year

I also have this quilt to do some work on

And this quilt

some of the blocks from that quilt are still in their envelopes

 check out the date
. . . . . 2009 . . . .

I am thinking by the time I get these tops all done I will be an excellent free Motion quilter and I will do fabulous quilting designs on all these quilts (getting a bit ahead of myself)

So as you can see I am going to be pretty busy…….

Best get off her and go do something productive……

hope your hands are working on something that you love




Susan said…
Good luck with your ufo's. I began the year with the same good intentions and have started something new already. Have fun with the machine quilting. I love hand quilting but it's sooooo slow.
Cardygirl said…
Busy girl! Good luck with the FMQ...I will watch with interest!
Allie said…
Just practice and you'll do fine with the quilting - I read somewhere it takes 10,000 hours at ANYTHING to get mastery, so practice is key! I don't want to be a master at it but it would be nice to not have a disaster.
You sure have your work cut out for you, hon....that's a lot of projects!
Cheryl said…
Yep, just practice, practice, practice!! Not that I can do it ...but I've heard it's all about practicing :-)!!! That's a wonderful goal for 20l2!
your needle turn is lovely Trish. Good luck with the quilting.

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