A great way to start the year . . .

I have had a wonderful start to the new Year
if it's true that what you do on the first day of the new year you will do through out the year
2012 will be a wonderful year

we spent the early hours of the morning celebrating the new year in the company of our
good friends and their family

then i did some sewing on the sewing machine
it's the first time in quite a while i have made the time to do some machine work
and it felt soooo good 
i think i need a sign for the machine that's say
"you know you want to, and you know you will really enjoy it"

any way, i did some work on "Durlindana"

previously i had planned to name this quilt Cappella
however have decided to name the quilt in honour of my late Nonna (grandmother) in law

i have also done some work on Miss S's quilt with the mission being that all the appliqué
 be completed by the end of the year and the quilt be batted up 
and ready for hand quilting in 2013

here you can see Miss S's quilt in my new sewing box that my mum 
gave me for christmas, you can also see one of the fabulous bags that i received from

this is my gorgeous new sewing box, when my mum gave it to me she said
"i thought you could use it for your jewellery "
i instantly thought
"i will be using it for my sewing"

these are my gorgeous gifts that i received in my SSCS swap
from Annalise

i just love the fabrics

so fresh and bright and so handy i have already put two of them to use

Annalise also gave me this beautiful thimble which is just fantastic as i love everything French
i have ever since i was a little girl 

so i was very very excited to get this thimble

so now i have done all his sewing i am going to finish my day with a nice
cool cocktail

and a swim in my pool

hope your hands are working on something that you love

and i look forward to sharing my life with you all in 2012




Tish Happy New Year...love your pojects and your gifts from Annalise are lovely...gorgeous sewing box....hope that swim and drink were good....
Allie said…
Happy New year hon, sounds like you had a great start - love your gifts and that sewing box!!
Cheryl said…
Great projects!!! Sounds like the perfect start to the New Year..and your gifties are so pretty.
Alicia said…
"durlindana" what a lovely name!
Happy new year
AlessandraLace said…
happy new year. hugs
happy new year.......love that quilt block..........and changing the name will be perfect.........love the gifts you got in the SSCS........thanks for being part of the swap........

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