Dr Who and Bath

Okay here's were you get to realise that I am a total nerd and am incredibly proud of it.  The main reason poor gadget had to brave an hour in grid lock traffic was so that his wife could see the The Dr Who exhibition, yep he's a really good husband but then I am attending an international soccer game with him in London so it sort of evens out ... lol

So any dire hard Whovian knows that the modern day Dr Who is filmed in Cardiff in Wales and as such they have, well at least for another two weeks, the Dr Who Experience and a museum where you can come face to face with a dalek and see the Tardis up close.

And for people of my Vintage you can see K9 ( pictured above) who was a major character in Dr Who in my teenage years.  

So some history , Dr Who first aired in the UK in 1963 and in Australia in 1964, so a few years before I was born. It ran continuously from 1963 to 1989, then re launched again in 2005.  I can't remember when I started watching it but Tom Baker (4th Doctor) was my first Doctor, Throughout my teenage years it was my escape from reality and then as a mother of two teenage girls who both became keen Whovians it re- entered my life and I am again totally addicted to it.  It was even better when Mstr T ( Miss S's partner ) was also a fan and it became a bit of a family event on a Sunday night.


The above Tardis was a special Tardis  created as a memorial to Clara Oswald , the companion of the 11th and 12th doctors.

Above is the costumes worn by the first  six doctors. 
Seeing all the models of the many "creatures " that have been a part of Dr Who over the years was really great and the amount of artistry that goes into creating these costumes is really amazing , I really enjoyed myself and they only thing that would have made it better would have been sharing it with my girls and Mst T

After finishing at the Dr Who experience we headed off again in our last drive in our trusty black car , I knicknamed bertha, the destination was

This is the view from outside our apartment, it's pretty nice and is apparently of some historical significance as several times a day a tour group is gathered under this tree ,taking  photos of our building, 

We had to close our curtains because arriving here we had to catch up on some washing and I was a bit concerned that these tourists were taking photos of our underwear . . . . LOL

Anyway we are here for quite a few days so lots of time to talk about Bath


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