Gap of Dunloe

This morning we woke to a misty Irish morning. We were a little concerned as our planned outing was an all day outdoor event. But Ireland was kind to us and whilst we got a little wet, it really was just light misty rain.

Today we did a tour of the gap of Dunloe. 

The gap of Dunloe is a narrow mountain pass forged between the MacGillycuddy Reeks and Purple Mountain.

The tour commenced with a bus trip pretty much all over Killarney as we collected the other members of our tour, we arrived at Kate Keaney's cottage and were organised into small groups to be taken on a jaunting Car, ( a small horse carriage for four people) we were fortunate enough to be combined with a lovely Irish couple, celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

The jaunting car ride was 7miles in duration and our lovely horse kept a lively pace most of the way, she knew exactly where to stop for us to take photos.

The bridge in this image is the wishing bridge, and it is believed that wishes made here come true.

It was also a lovely spot to get some photos, during the seven miles travelled in our horse and carriage we passed 5 lakes. 

At the end of the jaunting car journey we reached Lord Brandon's cottage, where they had a cafe where we could purchase some lunch, we had some warming soup with Irish black soda bread and a cup of tea. After lunch we boarded traditional Irish boats to journey back to Killarney 

We travelled by the same lakes that we seen on the ring of Kerry
We drifted gently through some stunning Irish countryside, seeing hills of heather and wild mountain goats.

 We passed under some lovely old stone bridges, did a little white water rafting . . . . lol

Until we finished here at the beautiful Ross Castle.

It was a lovely relaxing day, without the sound of the GPS and the constant  trying to work out where to park the car. As our tour day ended at 4 we searched out a Tesco, and had our first Tesco shopping

So now as I write this we are sitting in front of a nice warm fire
Drinking a nice red wine  eating Irish cheese and contemplating the beauty of Ireland and all we have seen

sláinte mhaith 
( good health, in Gaelic)

Googy girl


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