Today we had a bit of a sleep in , the tattoo finished after midnight and we stopped for a beverage on the way home as well as a late supper so we needed to start a bit later . . . 

Today we planned to do a walking tour of Edinburgh,  we met our guide at about 1pm after doing some last minute shopping.

This is Cockburn street, we walked up this street about 3 or 4 times and each time I found a new shop with interesting bibs and bobs, they even had a Harry Potter shop called Diagon alley. 
We also ended up discovering a nice pub on this street called the "Malt shovel inn" . 
We mainly walked this street because the only other way to get to the Royal mile was the stairs below.

At first glance they don't look to bad , but there is at least 5 more stages with the same amount of steps on each, reaching the top was a real "Rocky" moment although I had no breath left to dance around cheering . . . 

This is just one of the many interesting buildings along the Royal Mile , it is one of the oldest buildings on the street and has managed to still exist because it was where John Knox died. John Knox was a Scottish minister and theologican and is known as the great Scottish Reformer.    

The above is an image of a close.  Edinburgh used to have almost 100 closes and Wynds which are narrow alleyways that run north and south of the royal mile.  A lot have now gone bit quite a few still exist. Now if you are wandering what the difference between a close and a wynd is, a close had a gate at each end and could be closed off a wynd didn't.

The close above has a significant history.  Apparently the tenement building that were accessed by this close was about 250 years old and was in a poor state.  On the 24th of November 1861 the tenement collapsed killing 35 people.  The face carved above the door is of a young survivor , Joseph McIver who was rescued after rescuers heard him call out 
The image sculpted at the entrance to the close is that of Joseph McIver, a young survivor  who was rescued after he called out "Heave awa‚ chaps, ah'm no‚ deid yet' 

After a pretty long walk around various places of interest along the royal mile we eventually reached 

Edinburgh Castle 


This massive complex was amazing.  We wandered Through the buildings, we seen the Scottish Crown Jewels and the stone of destiny.  
the Stone of Destiny,  referred to in England as The Coronation Stone—is an oblong block of red sandstone that was used for centuries in the coronation of the monarchs of Scotland, and later of England. Until recently the stone resided at Westminster abbey , except for a short period when it was stolen by a group of Scottish university students, it was returned after a short period, but now resides in Edinburgh Castle on the condition that if a coronation was to take place in Westminster it be returned for the ceremony. 

Above is the fireplace in the great Hall of the castle.  As you can see by the full size armour beside the fireplace it was pretty huge, it was definitely big enough for gadget to stand in without ducking.

The spectacular view of Edinburgh castle and beyond.  
We really enjoyed our time in Edinburgh and have definitely put it on our " to visit again list" as there were so many things we didn't get to see.
Sadly this is my last post about Scotland 
I hope you enjoyed sharing our time with us in this beautiful country 

go raibh maith agat as ag éisteacht
(Thank you for listening)

Googy Girl


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