Dr Who, the football and a Mocha at my new favourite cafe

Miss M LOVES Dr Who she also loves the Beatles,
she inherited her great taste from her mother

I can vividly recall many afternoons hiding out in my room, watching Dr Who doing battle 
with the Daleks.....

although i have to say that Tom Baker is no where
 near as attractive as 
Matt Smith and David Tennant

anyway Little Miss knowing her sisters loves and having come across this
image of four of the doctors crossing the road 
in Beatles Abbey rd style
spent many hours free hand drawing and then cutting a template 
so that she could screen print the image
onto a pillow slip for her sister
she was a bit disappointed as the image smudged slightly
but honestly i think she did a great job

 Ausgrid stadium the new revamped Knights home grounds  
Ausgrid Stadium
we spent a sunny Sunday afternoon, with our very good friends watching the
the Knights play Cronulla

at one point it looked like we had the game easy, but Cronulla didn't let the 
score board stay like that and 
staged a comeback, making it a very exciting game

Now i know you are probably thinking, Hmm football, 
have i got the wrong blog ?
 My husband loves his footy and long ago i decided that to 
understand why he disappeared to the footy 
,i needed to go along and see what the fuss was about
 and now i really quite enjoy it
we always go as a family, 
okay granted the girls have taken there ipods, nintendo's and books at times
and i have been known to take my knitting
but we cheer and shout along with all the other die hard supporters

oh and this weekend i tipped the perfect round......

this is what's left of a really yummy  Mocha 
little Miss and i headed off this morning to the local op shops
 in search of items we need
for a fancy dress night we have coming up
Little miss was also looking for t shirts 
she could use to screen print on
we decided we needed to recharge the batteries and headed into a nearby cafe
i ordered a skinny mocha
(now the logic here is that if i have skim milk i won't feel guilty about the chocolate syrup calories), 
when it arrived i had a glass of coffee
and a chocolate stick which you stirred in the coffee until it melted
it was very yummy
and was balanced by a very healthy fruit salad

Miss M is on a promise to go for coffee very soon

Until next time
I hope your hands are working on something that you love

Patricia xxx


Cardygirl said…
Great screen printing from a very clever & kind sister. I have never understood football...fortunately DH is not a fan either!
Lyn said…
I can understand your dedication to league. I spent many an afternoon when growing up watching Manly play at Brookvale Oval- now, even given the years I have lived in NZ, I am still a fan and able to watch the games on paid TV. My daughters are fans too and when they go over to see my Mum in June they will also manage to squeeze in going to 2 Manly games and the State of Origin. Lucky them! That hot chocolate is tempting!
I think your dd did a great job on the screen printing........it looks great...........
Anonymous said…
I have that Dr Who shirt-- it's called "The Gallifrey Road" and it's great. The screen printing looks lovely!!

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