Coite's camping

 About 12 years ago two couples were laughing and chatting
 and sharing a drink or two
they came up with the idea that they should take
their then young children
camping for Easter

they debated where they should go and ultimately decided to 
place a map of NSW 
on the garage wall and throw a dart
where ever it landed would be the place they would camp

over the years the group grew and grew as more friends joined the
Easter camp 

somewhere along the line the group gave themselves a name
The Coite family. . . .

there is some uncertainty as to how the name came about
it is now campfire folklore
some think it has something to do with antics around the campfire
reminiscent of the Russell Coight show
others think it had something to do with some one having 
an itchy Coite . . .

 These are the first arrivals for Coite's easter 2011
I travelled up on Wednesday with our good friends 

it was my first time towing the trailer 
on gravel roads and  I was  more than 
a little nervous, driving DH 's pride and Joy

but all went well and three Coite families were in residence by nightfall

by midday Thursday 
my DH and girls had joined us and we were expecting another
family after lunch

By ten on Friday all but one Coite family had arrived and they were expected
at any time

Saturday and our family was complete
we welcomed another new family into the fold this year
which brought us to a total of 8 families this year

Our family joined the Coite family about 4 years ago
at that time they were still camping in the same place
 they had first found with the dart
Sadly that place became too small for the expanding family
we were fortunate that one member of the family came across this great spot
and we have now had our second year at our new location
and we love it

To be continued . . . .
I have heaps more to share with you 
about my camping weekend

until then
take care



Janice said…
What a great story behind your Easter camping. It is the best time of year for it and this year's extra long weekend would have made it extra special. Looking forward to more photos.
Cardygirl said…
Looks like lots of fun with the extended family!
Looks like you've had a really social time....

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