Brambles beret and Gramma pie

 This is Miss M's hat
when i started little Misses hat, Miss M asked if she was getting one?
of course, what would you like .....?

"don't know".. . . .  was the reply
 so i visited my favourite free online knitting site,
and after opening many sites i found this
Miss M likes berets so the pattern was approved and i set to work, 

this is not Miss M modelling the Beret, 
(she avoids the camera as much as possible)
i think the beret came out really nice. . . .and i enjoyed the challenge of the cables
maybe i should look for one for me. . . . 

do you remember this picture, and i challenged you to tell me 
what it was well it is a 
i grew up around an area where pumpkins and Gramma's were a favoured crop
so  Gramma pie's have been a staple in my household
 since i was pretty young

this year for the first time i had a go at making it myself, 
the recipe  i made was pretty close to what my mum 
has always made,
 the pastry looked pretty rough
but the pie tasted great and was extremely popular, 
both pies were gone within 3 days
(we shared them with our neighbours and friends)
i have  lots more gramma, and a new recipe to try . . . 
so i guess it is back to the kitchen

i decided to do some playing with some night photography,
a glow stick, a tripod and a camera, heaps of fun
i know it looks fuzzy but that's not because the camera moved 
it 's the movement of the glowstick, i like the effect though
all you need is LOVE

i finished late this afternoon
and this is what i saw from the verandah
after seeing the beautiful sunset from  Chooky's place
 I thought i would share my sunset with you

hope you all are happy and healthy 
and your hands are busy doing what you love



Nice sunset, photos like this show that living in the city can still produce special moments.
Maree: said…
Love the Berets Nice Pattern...
lovely Beret...........more cooking yummo.....sunsets are all great at the moment..........lots of colour here...........
Cardygirl said…
My Mum loves gramma...I buy them for her on those road side stalls. Great pics!
Love the beret and the gramma pies! You are so taleted Trish.It obviouly keeps you very busy! Lov Shane
Love the beret Trish....lovely photos and the pies look delish..
Lyn said…
You've brought back memories! I haven't had gramma pie for quite some time- in fact it is a long time since I even saw gramma for sale- my nana loved it and I remember mum making it when we were young. Yum! Do you think pumpkin would substitute??

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