a sore tail and a new project

Cooper has had a miss- hap, 
we are not really sure what happened
but i did catch him tormenting our resident Blue tongue
but he also likes to bark at the dog next door, 
and one of our fence paling's is down
 so either way something got him and he has a nice chunk missing out of his tail

lucky mummy is a champion bandager

I purchased these about three weeks ago and have been anxiously waiting 
for the arrival of the tis the season book

a close up of some of the fabrics
Cath, the owner of my favourite quilt shop was a little surprised
by my choice

i am usually not a brights kind of girl 
and usually select country coloured fabrics 
but i just loved these

ready to go . . . .
got the light box out 
got my pigma pen ready
and the footy is on

hope your hands are making something you love


Scottish Nanna said…
OH Poor cooper his tail must be sore lucky for him he has A good nurse hope it gets better soon.
Hugs Mary.
I think we may have been stitching along together tonight as I was making headway on my April stitcheries this very evening....poor little Cooper....I think you need to sit with him on the lounge (sewing!!) for a long time while he recovers......don't you ??!!
love the fabrics you have the the TTS SAL.......happy stitching..........

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