Friday, April 8, 2011

I ve been baking. . . .

with the onset of the cooler weather, and the rain
i have switched into winter mode and the baking has begun
(it never really stops, but i do love baking in the winter, 
the oven warms the kitchen up)

from Donna Hay magazine

chopping, whilst my lovely assistant prepare s the other ingredients

Okay at the moment it does look gross and yes there is a lot of butter

in the pan, i love my new mini bundt tin 
it makes the cakes look like healthy  
(well they are a little bit healthier)

Taahh dahh . . . they were so yummy, great with home made egg custard, it's a good thing my neighbours chook's lay well

more chopping

can you guess what this is ?

speaking of yummy things . . .

Tess has a give away.. to celebrate the opening of her new shop
12 really lovely fat quarters and a lacy button
you should pop over and have a look

hope you are all having a great day



Chookyblue...... said...

my chooks are on strike I am sure..........the muffins look the tin..........

Carly said...

They look very yummy Trish :) I did a bit of baking myself today. Pear and Raspberry Bread and Banana Bread, mainly because I have an assignment due ;)

Cardygirl said...

Love that mini bundt tin.

Shiralee Stitches said...

What time did you say afternoon tea was being served ?? lol.....these look really yummy...I bet they're all gone now....I cooked a date loaf the other day...very nice but not quite the 'oh wow' factor that your little tray produces...must make a mental note to buy one of it a Nundle tin?

quiltygal said...

Welcome to will soon be hooked those little cakes look yummy....

Kerry said...

Aren't they cool tins, I found one in Tassie last year and just had to buy it - and I love the look of those Gramma Pies