camping and secrets

So finally after quite a few months we finally had the opportunity to hook the
the trailer up and head off for a quiet weekend

it all started off beautifully with a perfect sunny friday 

this beautiful day culminated in this beautiful sunset

and of course as night fell the fire crackled away

and the wine and beer flowed

as the sun rose the next day i had plenty of time to work on some secret projects

these are just a few shots of some pressies that i have been working on for some very special people in my life, both of these projects are almost finished, so i am feeling very content with myself

As the sun started heading down on what was a wonderful stitching day, you can see the clouds had started to gather and as we headed off to bed we could hear the pat pat of rain drops on our roof

i was woken in the very early hours to the sounds of a very loud thunder storm
i guess the fact that there was really just a mere few millimeters of heavy duty canvas between me and the thundering skies made me feel more than a little nervous

when we stepped our of the trailer in the morning we found that we had about an inch of water over our outdoor matting and asa we packed up to head own the skies were kind and decided to stop dumping water on us.

so although it ended in a bit of moisture 
overall it was a wonderful relaxing weekend




maybe you did send the rain my way..........glad you had a nice time away.......
Fiona said…
Awesome pictures.. both of the views and your work.... very sneaky peaks of course but the colours are lovely... so good to get away - pity about the rain - I'd love you to send some northwards to us!
quilterliz said…
G'day. Lovely photos and your work looks just beautiful. Take care. Liz...
Great you've had some time away.....those secrets look a bit similar to something in my sewing room at the moment!!.....looking great....don't keep us guessing too
Anita said…
Glad you got to have a bit of time away....even if it was wet!
I do recognise some of your sewing....LOL
Farm Girl said…
Lovely camping spot ...... perfect place to stitch!
Kalyan said…
Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!
Looks like a great place to camp, beautiful pictures. Cant wait to see the secret sewing business SSB.

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