All nature in Australia thrills
responsive to the rain,
and sudden verdure clothes the hills,
and glorifies the plain.
Yet all old England's simple tree's
to their old season's cling,
and scatter Autumns fading leaves
upon the lap of spring
Catherine Helen Spence 1905

My chinese tallowood is awakening from it's winter slumber

Early this year my very good friend 's (Sticky) parents unfortunately had to sell up their
property to move to something smaller and more manageable
Stick's mum is a wonderful gardener and had many wonderful orchids
she offered some to me....
very brave , because gardening is not one of my skills
she showed me how to re-pot them , as most were pot bound,
and i returned home to go to work
about a month ago i walked past my Orchid farm 
and noticed that three of the ten 
had flower buds

i check my little babies almost every day, waiting with baited breath to see 
my first ever home grown orchid

hope it is a wonderful first day of spring
wherever you are in Australia 
and  New Zealand
(is it the first day of spring for you New Zealand?)



Cardygirl said…
You are waxing lyrical! see you tomorrow!
Lyn said…
Lovely photos- and the poem, it is good to see the buds etc on the trees -it is supposed to be Spring down here in NZ but if you saw the temperature where I am today you wouldn't think so!!
Mupminoes said…
Oooh lente, hier begint de herfst en de zomer was ook al zo slecht met heel veel regen en lage temperaturen. Ik wil ook lente......
Linda said…
Great post! I love all the Spring photos...we are heading into Fall here...and it's still quite hot! Oh your orchids are going to be beautiful...I can hardly wait to see some pictures when they open!!

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