Thursday night stitch-a-thon

As most of you know i work shift work, with my days all higgildy piggildy all over the place, lately however i
have had every thursday and friday off, and i seem to have gotten myself into a pattern with the housework ect..., anyway with Gadget and the girls at work / school i got up early and got stuck into the house work

By midday i was pretty happy with what i had done and decided that a mini break was in order and set to work cutting some fabric for some projects new and old. then set back to work again, by three pm i was at the sewing machine and i was on a mission to get some serious sewing done

my plan was 

  •  put the first border on my Tis the season quilt. 
  • start putting together the patchwork for the sewing bag in  Anni Downs latest book, some kind of wonderful 
  • and to make a camera strap cover.

with gadget out for the night and Miss M at work , it was just me and Miss S.
Miss S made dinner for us so i was free to sew

this is the patchwork all laid out , the small four patch blocks are all sewn together
with the cotton for the stitchery laid out on top
(I am hoping you will more of this soon)

The camera strap cover

I was on Allie's blog and she had put up a heap of links to other blogs that were giving patterns / instructions for all these nifty and cute projects, the moment i laid eyes on the camera strap cover i was 
you will find the instructions here at Fabric Family fun for the strap cover

I love the bright colors, i had picked up a Ruby (by Moda) charm pack a few weeks ago
(i don't think that gadget (DH) shared my enthusiasm, and i have a feeling he won't be borrowing the camera very

and finally the first border going onto my Tis the Season

now i just have to wait for the second border fabric to arrive

That's it for me

hope your hands are working on something that you love




Organized and on a real roll Tirsh....go girl...
Cardygirl said…
Busy girl...great projects!
Allie said…
You got all that done and housework too???? You're my hero! I LOVE the camera strap, and all the rest - wow you are really on a roll! [PS - good plan to keep dh away from the camera, lol!]
busy busy sewing.......looks great....and great to catch up for coffee.........thanks for bringing the extras too..........
Lovely post, Trish...thanks for all the show and tell...I love the project bag front all laid out in's a perfect size bag, you'll love it.... nice fun strap for the camera...great idea....

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