PHD's complete

well i did it , i have completed all my projects, actually i pretty much had them finished last friday, as i was stitching the sleeves in my jumper as i chatted to chookyblue and watching fairy girl and her friends

previously in the PHD update i showed you that i had my Tis the season block stitched and showed you that all my borders were on, actually in my Thursday night stitch a thon you can see that all my TTS blocks were joined together.

and last night i added the final borders....taa daa..... definitely not my usual Christmas colours, i am usually very traditional red, gold and green, but i  think it came out really nice

For my birthday this year Gadget and the girls bought me an Ereader from Sony

an Ereader is an electronic device that you can purchase and download books on
this is extremely handy for me as i love to read, and when we head off camping, i can take three or four books (actually according to Sony it can store 1200 books) and  it is only the size of a small note book

so of course being me i decided that it needed a cover to protect it, i dragged out some of the gorgeous Cambodian silk that i purchased last year.

my brain ticked alot trying to come up with a design as to how to make it , in the end i decided a envelope style case would be great.

the finished product,
the first photo shows the true colour of the silk, all in all i  am very happy with it

and last but definitely not least

my jumper

it is very baggy, which i love and is made from alpaca wool,
i purchased the wool from Bendigo wool mills back in 2008 

i like the simple style of this jumper, i think it will be very ward and snuggly 
around the campfire at night

hope your hands are working on something that you love




Allie said…
Your Tis the Season is just darling, I love the colors! What a great job! Nice e-reader too, one of those is on my own wish list...the case you made for it is really lovely, perfect embroidery for it. Beautiful sweater, it looks very warm and I'm wishing I had it on right now, lol - I'm freezing! Enjoy staying warm in that, alpaca is SO soft!
Maree: said…
Love your Fabrics on TTS Well Done on the Finish...I Hope to pick up the Knitting Needles next Winter..too many things get in the
Lovely Giftie.
Well done Trish with the PHD......and your TTS looks fantastic love the border good are the ereaders I use mine all the time, wonderful cover you have made...
Farm Girl said…
Great job on your TTS, gorgeous fabrics too. Hope you have lots of fun with the e-reader.
Lyn said…
That final border fabric is lovely- you have had a busy time with all your projects- one day i think I would like to get one of those e readers- there are a few different ones appearing in the shops here now...
It is so great to finish things. They look great. Now you can cosy up in your jumper and enjoy a read.
busy nice to catch up last week.........TTS is looking great.......
Anonymous said…
lovely projects Trish,well done
Great job to be finishing thinhs off...that's my holiday goal now I have 2 wks off.......I love the e-reader case...oh, and your TTS looks really funky and bright.....
Fiona said…
Hi.. thanks for leaving a comment on my TTS... I'm so glad you did so I could pop over and meet you.... some lovely goodies and I do love your version of the tts... and the jumper is just lovely.... the alpaca wool must make it great...

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