Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My basket is overflowing again

i have been working very hard lately
trying to clear my basket
and in one day

i managed to fill it to overflowing again
not that i am complaining i had fun

i discovered this super cute brooch at one of the first stalls 
i seriously looked at
they were selling the kimonos attached to a card to give away
but down below i discovered this little kit
and now i have the pattern i can make lot's of these

they were also selling these super cute earrings
i just had to have them
they have Miss S inspired and i think making these little cuties
could be her next entrepreneurial challenge

In keeping with the japanese theme
i bought this Sashiko Kit
always been interested in having a go 

I also bought this super cute little Rotary cutter
i needed it for a upcoming workshop
and of course i absolutely couldn't refuse the deal the 
on the rotary cutter blades

Of course there was absolutely no chance i would leave the craft fair
without Anni 's newest book
the biggest decision is what to make first
i just couldn't resist
this pattern for these super cute turtle doves

So with Cappella, Miss S's Quilt, my stitch -a - long
my jumper, gadget's quilt and i still have my projects from 
nundle to complete

I think i better be spending less time on here and more at the
. . . . LOL . . . .

anyway enough for now
hope you are all happy and healthy



Monday, June 27, 2011

craft and quilt fair 2011

In the wee early hours of the morning
when most normal people
are curled up in their beds
and the sun was still nowhere to be seen
sticky (my camping buddy) and i
hopped the train to Sydney


Craft & Quilt Fair 2011

after about two and a half hours of non stop chatting
(seriously we spend sooo much time together i don't know how 
we can still manage to chat non-stop for two and a half hours)

we arrived at central station 

to a beautiful sunny winters day

after a short trip on the rail link tram we  arrived

at nine it looked like this by mid morning most booths were
 two or three deep
(point to remember hit the booths you are most interested in early)

after two hours Sticky heard the forewarned lament
owww i want to come back tomorrow, not enough time

at 11:30 i caught up with this scraggly group of bloggers

left to right back row ( the wicked )

left to right front row ( the teachers pets...)
Time to stitch , ME , and  Chooky

it was so good to catch up with the girls in real life, 

after having a rummage through each others bags, and a bit of a yak 
Sticky and i dashed off 
( we only had a five hours to go and we had only 
finished the first two isles)
we definetly need more time here . . .

i had a good look at the art you wear exhibit, Sticky had found another
card making stall . . . . 

this gorgeous dress was made by
Svenja in queensland and was called Siren of the sea

around two thirty we had finished every isle, and with encouragement 
Sticky wandered off to a workshop..

i wandered off ready for a second look at some of the stalls
when i was discovered by 

 . . . . . Chooky . . . .

with very little encouragement i was persuaded to see the quilt display
and discovered that Chooky and i have very similar taste in quilts

This one had us Ohh ing and ahhing
unfortunately unlike my very experienced blogging friend 
i didn't take a picture of the tag, so i can't tell you whom worked her 
fingers to the bone to create this beauty

at quater to five with aching feet and heavy bags...

sticky and i emerged from the exhibition centre to see the sun going down over to Sydney

we had to make a mad dash for the tram, as we though our train was leaving imminently
but managed to arrive with plenty of time 
( i think sticky's watch was fast, and i didn't look at myn)

on the trip home we rummaged through our bags like
two kids with their show bags, showing each other our purchases

. . . . Card makers have ALOT of gadgets . . . .

So you want to know what what we bought . . . .
Well sticky got a mountain of stuff . . .

Me . . .
well i think you will have to wait till next blog post

until then 


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

playing with photoshop

I have just finished another set of nights, and again feel that i am emerging
 from my sleepy cocoon. During a run of nights i usually just muck around with
 whatever i can find that doesn't require a long attention span
and provides some instant gratification
yesterday i was sleepy the bed was warm the cup of tea sweet and
my lap top close at hand

i discovered 

Kim's blog is centered around her photography and the use of 
textures as an overlay
to make the photo's more interesting / arty

personally  i think her photo's are great anyway but texturising them is amazing

so this is what i learn't in about 30 mins yesterday

this is the original image taken by Kim Klassen
pretty nice shot (looks a bit like my bedside table)

this is what the photo looked like after a bit of playing with photoshop
and Kim's 
stained music paper and stained paper

the same image using 
the peeling paint and cinnamon texture's

my photo taken on a Coite's weekend


. . . . Texturised . . . .

just a bit of fun for a cold winters day when you just feel too tired to do the chores

think you may be seeing more texturised images

OOhhh  I could re - do the header AGAIN . . .

better get back to the sewing machine . . . 

oops i mean back to the chores . . . of course . . . . LOL

what do you like to do on a cold winters day?


Thursday, June 16, 2011


I ve been busy
sewing corners onto rectangles

sewing edges onto squares

making lots of peices

to create the blocks for 


so far i have made the peices for 12
of the blocks of the 25 needed

for me this is pretty good, 
i don't get alot of time at the machine
or with needle and thread 

is my work in progress
( one of many)
and i am enjoying the process
Miss M and i played with the blocks last night
and selected the combinations for the first
12 blocks

Miss M is enthralled and has decided that the new quilt would look great in her room

the name "Cappella" is Italian and means chapel
the fabric range is called 
"luna notte" by three sisters and means 
night moon in Italian
my MIL is Italian so in tribute to her and the range name i have gone with 
an Italian name
this quilt has gained it's name as the design 
results in many crosses, both colored and in cream
the blocks are set onpoint so the crosses are distinct
and i plan to quilt the crosses 
to highlight them

i have been working on my stitch along as well
and hope to post some pics of it soon

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Merriwa - and the running of the sheep

Miss M is on her L's and we are trying to get her hours up
one hundred and twenty hours is a lot of hours

so Today i decided to take her to Merriwa for the running of the sheep
from Newcastle at the speed limit an easy five hours for me for her with her 
80 km/hr speed limit nearly six hours

I had first heard about the Merriwa festival of the fleece
about two years ago and have been keen to see the running of the sheep ever since

apparently the tradition of the red socks started in 1994
the tradition was inspired by a similar event in Montana USA

I think they look really cute but the socks look a little more 
like leg warmers than socks

the little human lambs were pretty cute as well

i found this lovely lady hidden away in one of the community halls

her spinning was so fine and so even it was gorgeous, 
there were some truely lovely
hand spun, hand knitted garments for sale

this very clever guy was exhibiting his skills in whip cracking
here the whip is going right down under his feet
hope chooky hasn't been taking lessons from him

there were street stalls selling all sorts of goodies and 
a quilt exhibition  in the community hall, 
working sheep dog exhibitions and  shearing

 Miss M and i had a really great day, a lovely lunch at the RSL
and a pretty nice drive up and back.
i must say though it is pretty hard watching your nervous child 
doing the speed limit
and other vehicles go screaming past her . . . . . overtaking

hope you all have a really lovely long weekend
i hope to get some good quality time sewing time

i hope your hands are busy working on a project you love