a clever little egg

Ok this is an official


Miss S is in the middle of year 11

 and she is studying
both textiles and art

this is the work she created for her first year 11 art assessment

they had to do an art work
that depicted the influences of society on the individual

it was amazing watching this work grow

i just wish it hadn't been created in the middle of my lounge room
apparently though she needed foxtel to inspire her......lol

and i have to  say there is no visible evidence of her painting
in the room
although when i got home from work one evening there was 
ALOT of evidence of painting on her
it was everywhere

this is one part of a three part assessment,
they had to work with three different mediums
so she did a photoshop image
and an ink image
and this painting
unfortunately i did nt get a chance to photograph the other two items

i am pretty proud of her
i think it is a really great image

this is the artwork that didn't make it into the assessment

she rejected this

the hair was totally created using phrases that she felt influenced her as individual

i just love the eye

so detailed and amazing

as you can tell i am pretty proud of her

. . . . thats enough bragging for now . . . .

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love



Cheryll said…
And any wonder you are proud...she show a lot of talent I think! Hope her marks are pleasing to her too! :)
Susan said…
It's a wonderful thing to be able to share your pride with your friends. It can be hard to put yourself out there artistically, she has done really well.
simplestitches said…
wow your daughters artwork is amazing....I love the second portrait with the words for hair...I was trying to read some of what she had written, would love to see a larger photo....well done!
jfoster8 said…
Oh wow Trish....as an ex Art teacher can I say that I share your amazement...(is that a word?)
your daughters art work is truly wonderful...tell her well done.
Fiona said…
Those are fantastic... I love seeing art work by the youngsters and that is amazing....

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