Caring with Quilts.....Quilt

I know i have posted some of these pics before but i feel 
the quilt deserves 
a post all of it's own

so as you know a few months ago
i made the insane decision to make a quilt
for chooky's
"caring with quilts"

i headed off shopping looking for a jelly roll to create a quick quilt

i didn't find one
but i did find a heap of fabric i loved so 
i created my own
Jelly roll

                                       after after lot's of cutting i had these gorgeous piles
                                                        lined up beside Victoria
                                                          (the sewing machine)

the quilt started coming together rather quickly

and i love that i had Miss M's bed to lay everything out on

i had the quilt completed about  two and a half weeks before GDITC
although it came together really quickly we just had a really busy period 
in the egg household

(oh let's face it when is there not a busy period in the egg household)

anyway with 2 1/2 weeks to go 
the panic started rising about getting it quilted in time
as things didn't appear to be quieting down at all

so i called my Friend Jan

with the plea of can you fit it in and quilt it for me

not only did Jan accept the quilt but she 
refused to accept
payment for it
she Donated her quilting

I think that was amazing and am so grateful to Jan for 
quilting the quilt for me she did a spectacular job

a close up

the overall effect......doesn't it look great
(sorry it's a bit blurry)

and with binding being done in the car 
and when i was sitting in Bridget late on thursday night
and again when the girls were doing show and tell

and the last stitches were stitched at mount misery cafe
as we waited for dinner

i was proudly able to hand over

the quilt
which never got a name

to a very cheeky Chook

i was thrilled to make this quilt and 
to have the 
opportunity to participate
in this charity

and to give back something to the universe
after all the 
wonderful gifts the universe has given me

Hope your hands are working on a project that you love



Susan said…
It's a beautiful quilt Trish, and wonderful of you to donate it. Great work from Jan too.
Cheryll said…
Fantastic effort Trish... and Jan was so very generous too. LoVe the colours in your very own "jelly roll" so it's a wonderful quilt for some needy family! :)
Fiona said…
Beatiful quilt and lovely quilting on it too... someone will be very happy to recieve it...
jfoster8 said…
Looks great with binding on ....loved that I could contribute too.....I like to give back as well.
Jenny said…
An insane decision turned into a beautiful quilt that I am sure someone will treasure. Who could not be happy when they look at it.
thanks to you and Jan for getting the quilt will be very much appreciated......"Caring with Quilts" is going so well.....
Anonymous said…
Just gorgeous Trish
Anne Lise said…
This is a beautiful quilt, nice, bright colours. I think someone will be very happy..... And thanks for your comment at my blog.

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