some exciting news....

after my really sad news that i announced on the GDITC blog the other night
i now have some exciting news

after 20 years 
i will finally have my own sewing room

with Miss M leaving the nest late last year
Miss S 
decided to move rooms

and i have inherited her room

it's the smallest bedroom in the house
but that's ok
it will be super cosy

this is my current sewing space
at it's very worse
usually i keep it alot neater, 
but i have been busy renovating Miss S's new room
and my sewing area unfortunately becomes my dumping space

Miss S's newly painted room

My new sewing room

after all the painting in Miss S's room i was thinking of
 not painting this room

but gadget talked me round and tomorrow this room will start to get a 
freshen up

i think i will keep the red wall
as a reminder of Miss S's red faze
i actually quite like it, now i am used to it
the other 3 walls will be painted a
soft cream colour
the same as Miss S's new room
since all the 
painting paraphernalia 
is still in the house

my current crafting tools

i am also going to keep the bed in the room, 
ready for any guests who would like to stay

i think this special room deserves a name
but as yet i have nt 
come up with one

any suggestions?

 i better get off the computer as
i need to go clean up my sewing area 
as we are having guests for dinner tomorrow night

I hope your hands are working on a project that you love



Susan said…
Fantastic news that you will have your own room.... I got one this year and it's a great feeling. Also happy that you're keeping the gorgeous red wall, it will be perfect with cream walls.
Cardygirl said…
Sad news? Hope all is okay...enjoy the painting!
Hi there....fantastic you are getting your own sewing room....great news! You will love it!
Fiona said…
You will love your own room... it is so nice not to have to pack everything away.... have fun decorating... sorry to hear there is some bad news too.... hope all is okay...
Cheryll said…
Ooohhhh N-I-C-E! You'll have sooo much fun in your roomier sewing space. Good luck with the painting! :)
Lucky exciting...enjoy....
Anne Lise said…
Good luck with your new sewing room. It is nice to have a room where you can close the door when people come. Looking forward to see it finished....
your going to love having your own room..........hope you have finished the reno's now........

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