As you all know a few months ago
Google announced that they were removing
google reader from it's services

i was initially unconcerned until i logged in one day and found that
i could no longer access google reader through the
google home page

i decided i needed to find an alternative
that i could use to check
all my favourite blogs

so like a good computer addict
i googled it
i found this really informative post 

showing all the alternatives to google reader

i had a peep at a few of the alternatives but decided to give

a go mainly because i like the description 

" Its interface is less traditional and a bit more "newspaper-like," but it's very pretty. "

so because it was pretty i downloaded it

the  program downloaded this little button onto my safari  toolbar

i simply click on the button and
feedly opens up

you can view your blogs in a variety of ways
as a list

with a main photo

or in a larger format

Feedly is synced with blogger/google reader and added all the blogs that i currently follow

to comment on the blog you simply click on the title
and the blog opens in it's own window

it marks what you have read 
and only shows you what is new on the main page

i have found it very easy to use
easy to install
and you can even have a little play with the design so you can have your own background colours

it also has it's own iphone app
so i can follow my blogs when i am out an about

so i am not saying you have to use feedly
and i am not saying that it is the best option to replace 
google reader

as to be fair i haven't tried the others
all i am saying is that
i have found it a really useful tool that has worked very well for me

i hope this helps anyone who is looking for an alternative to
google reader

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love



Anonymous said…
thankyou for that information.xx
Cheryll said…
Thanks Trish... all the info we can get helps us make good decisions! :)
Fiona said…
I've been wondering what to do... thanks for the information.... seems Feedly and Bloglovin are the most popular...
you didn't show the pic of the full post feed page.........it looks pretty much like google reader when you do that.........and I went in and changed a few settings in it and I think i am happy with it now.........i'll keep flicking between it and google reader but the good thing for now is they update each other as I read thru one.........
Linda said…
I signed up for Feedly too;0)...have a great day!!

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