So we headed off to a town called Goritzia this morning.  With no news of my suitcase we headed off.

Goritzia is a town on the border of Italy and Slovenia actually part of the town is in Slovenia. It was a very pretty town and we headed here for a reason. Gadget is half Italian and his Nonno ( grandfather) was born and raised in Goritzia his Zia ( Aunty) was also born in this pretty town. 

They actually have a street of the same name as gadgets grandparents last name. So we went there and took a photo. 

Then we headed to the Castillo Goritzia 
This was a true medieval castle is was just wonderful.  A lot of the castle had to be rebuilt as it sustained damage during World War One.

The castle

The entrance to the Castello. The sculpture above the door is the winged lion of Saint Mark, which interestingly is a symbol of Venice. 

The kitchen , dining area. 

This was the main hall, which had a display of medieval musical instruments which I got photos of, but have a look at the lamp holder and the painting on the wall, so delicate and detailed.

This is the stunning view as you leave the castello.  I had a bit of a sound of music moment here, with the mountains in the distance and all the greenery and in the background we could hear the bells of a church.

From here we called about my suitcase , we spoke with a English speaking Italian lady. We think she said my case was with the courier but we weren't sure. 
We popped down to town to 
Would you believe it , to look for a McDonald's (😱😱)  well we needed access to wifi to check about the suitcase.

Anyway we didn't find one, thank goodness, but we found a great little cafe, which was a buffet style, fixed price eat as much as you like for 8€ the owners was very keen to explain each dish in English, anyway we had a glass of wine 1€ ( about $1.50au) which was pretty good and one plate each, the owner gorgeous fellow would only accept 6€ as we only had one plate.... Lol

We then headed back to the hotel to see what was happening with only suitcase.
To our great delight we arrived st the hotel a little after 5pm and the concierge told us with great delight that our bag had arrived and they had put it in our room. 

Although my bag looks a little worse for wear everything was intact and I was finally able to wash my hair. I had been holding off as the hotel had no conditioner and I had no brush. 
Anyway all good now
Next post, from Venice


Googy Girl


Phew, thank goodness your suitcase arrived! Awesome place and fancy a street named after Gadget's!
Anita said…
Looks like a picture perfect town....lots of them over there! Big sigh of relief about your suitcase! One of my friends now travels with carry on only due to lost suitcases....and she even travels with a carry on to Europe in winter!!!
Janice said…
What a relief to have your bag back. It must have been a special moment for Gadget to visit the home town of his Nonna. It is rather lovely.

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