Tuscan lunch and Pisa

Yesterday we travelled to a traditional farm to have lunch.  Would you beleive we arrived at our tour bus and I looked down and realised that of all the days of this holiday I had left my camera behind.  .so all the photos are from our iPhones. I was pretty annoyed with myself, but at least we had the phones and gadget and I took turns taking photos so we wouldn't run out of battery.

This is the view from the front of the farm house.

Looking down over the beautiful Tuscan hills.  Our lunch was amazing with almost all of it coming directly from the farm itself.  The wine ( 3 types for us to sample) were all made from vines grown on the farm.  Home made bread with olive oil, the olives grown on the farm.  Pasta with a tomato based sauce. And to finish home made Biscotti dipped in traditional sweet wine.   It was a delicious meal, simple but full of flavour.
After lunch we traveled to Pisa

Apparently not only is the tower leaning but the church in the same complex is also on a bit of a lean. They discovered that the tower was leaning when the had created the third tier. So to even things out they started making the columns on the right side higher to try and balance it out, if you look you can see it's a little bent like a banana. 

We walked to the top of the tower, to see the bells.

You can see the angle on the bell.

It was a little freaky standing on the top of the tower especially on the leaning side..... But the views were spectacular and well worth the climb.
We really didn't have much time to explore the other buildings in the complex.


Googy Girl


Susan said…
Vry brave to climb the leaning tower. Lucky you could use your phones for photos.
Phew at least you were able to both use your phones for these lovely pics....Tuscany looks just lovely!
Fiona said…
what a fun day...

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