Slow lazy days

So we decided to wind down a fair bit and spend our last few days in Apt just chilling ing 

Yesterday we did our Laundry, yep boring but it has to be done ....... Lol
A little shopping in the local shops, and had lunch in the loveliest little restaurant we found in the back streets.

We were a little late for lunch but there was only us and one other group.  We had a gorgeous lunch of soft cheese with herbs, braised veal with vegetables ( kind of ratatouille style and Strawberry and peppermint soup for dessert. It was amazing and our waitress tried so hard to talk to us in English .

Today was market day in Apt. We had read that the market day in Apt was pretty good but we never expecting that each time we looked down a street there would be more stalls , this market was huge.....

As we sipped our coffee we were serenaded

Saucisson , like salamis but ohhh wow so many different flavours and types and sizes just amazing.

Flowers fresh and in pots.

Fruit and vegetables everywhere some organic, some not

House bread, made roughly and so very fresh and crunchy in so many different varieties.

As we have travelled along I ve managed to get a little craft done. I created one whole Lucy Boston block on the plane from Australia to Singapore and whilst we were waiting at Singapore airport for our flight to Paris.

This is my Paris block, the photo was taken on the ledge of my tiny Paris apartment window.
 This one has some special memories, the centre was stitched on the steps of the opera Garnier , Paris and the blue stripe blocks were stitched whilst I sat near the octagonal pond in the Tuileries garden.  I was stitching away and decided to take a picture to send to sandy when a gust of wind blew my block into the pond, fortunately it was close and I managed to fish it out. I had to re glue some papers but it was all good, thank goodness.

This block was mainly sewn on the bus to Giverny and will be my French / Italian block as it will probably be finished in Italy.

And these are gadgets socks, my first go at knitting socks two at a time on circular needles, from the toes up and to add to the challenge they have a cable design..... 
I m really enjoying working on them.

We leave Apt tomorrow and head to Marseille for the night then fly to Venice, via Brussels Sunday morning.

Au Revoir

Googy  Girl 


Susan said…
I love the way you're making time to go slow during your holiday. It's giving me the travel bug! Great sewing memories being made too. I cannot comprehend how you're doing the socks, but they look great.
Anita said…
It's good to have a few low days as we call them. How good are the markets! All the bread....cheese....meats....ican smell it now! Bonjour!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Trish,wow i am enjoying your trip,what a funny memory for your Paris block that blew into the pond,lol,your LB blocks are so pretty xx
Jan said…
Bonjour from Paris, Trish! It's so good to be here again, even for just a few days. I'm enjoying reading about your adventures. Apt sounds lovely and I'm so glad you managed to save that block!
You are busy ... Sight seeing😍😍sewing and knitting ... I'm still jealous 💗💗💗
Fiona said…
that market sounds just lovely - did you taste your way around it? I love that your sewing is having all these memories attached to it.... I have never made socks but I think I would like it....
took awhile for me to realise APT is a location not a tour group missing a is small on my phone itinerary........beautiful spot....

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