Venice day one

Today we relinquished our hire car for the final time, from here on its trains, buses, planes and ferries . . . . 

So we had our first experience of Italy's trains and then of course because we were in Venice a ferry.

We were very fortunate that we had beautiful blue skies, and of course this made the water stunning as well,  for our first views of Venice 

We had a little wander, the streets are like a maze joined by bridges.  Lots of narrow little alleyways and winding streets and of course beautiful shops.  At first it was a little scary but we got the hang of it pretty quickly.

This is the church of Saint Mark, we haven't been inside yet, but this square was as we expected totally packed with people. We are planning on getting up early one day so we can see it a little less full . . . 

Gadget surprised me with a gondola ride, it was so very relaxing just drifting along the streets, looking up at the beautiful buildings and bridges.

I just loved the water reflection in this image.

We spent our first afternoon in Venice sitting here, eating a lemon gelato and watching the sun go down


We found a lovely little cafe in a back street , it was overflowing with people and we had to wait for about 30 mins to get a table. They gave us a glass of prosecco and food whilst we waited.  It was a wonderful meal and our waiter was a real character, we laughed through out the whole meal.

It was an amazing day.


Googy Girl


Anita said…
It's like I'm there!! Looks lovely.
Loving my trip ... Thank you ....LOL💗💗💗
Susan said…
Sigh......looks wonderful.
So beautiful thoughtful to get a Prosecco and some food....very European!

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