Saturday, April 12, 2014

Chasing the blues away

Sometimes things happen and they create chinks in the bubble of your happiness when lots of chinks happen they create a crack and allow the blues to flood in . . . .

What is a sad and blue patchworker to do
but chase the blues away
with a little fabric therapy and creating something new

I always think that yellow is the colour of happiness, like a bright sunny day
And the lovely blue green floral fabric just made me smile.

Victoria ( the sewing machine) and I worked hard together as I stitched, pressed and top stitched away to create something new and full of sunny happiness.

tah dah, a beautiful new mug bag, thanks to Red Brolly for the gorgeous pattern

I am always so impressed when designers offer gorgeous free patterns. They have wonderful souls

My lovely husband understood my need to create and left me to my own devices and cooked a lovely dinner for me whilst I stitched away. My gorgeous daughter did some washing and ironing to relieve any guilt.

A bright and happy bag, to make me smile

I did nt realise when I started this pattern, that this was the very same bag that cardygirl had made just recently, she obviously shares my good taste . . . Lol

My new bag on it s first outing, was much admired

I spent the evening with a lovely group of ladies (Novocastrian quilters) who made me laugh and smile, as fellow quilters always do

And I am feeling a lot brighter and whilst the last wisps of blues remain, for me there is nothing like creating to make the world seem a better place.

As Walt Whitman said

"Keep your face turned towards the sun 
And the shadows will fall behind you"

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"



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Saturday, April 5, 2014

home sweet home ….loving my wifi

. . . . Home . . . .

where the pants are stretchy

and the wifi connects automatically

. . . . .

most of you know that recently i headed off overseas for a little holiday

my husband i both love to travel and are always keen to see new and exciting places
in recent years , we have confined our journeys to within Australian borders.
out of respect for our daughters education.

this year however we left Bridget the glamping van
in the driveway
and hopped on a plane

this wasn't our first trip to Bali
we first visited Bali when we were young and carefree

however this time was special
 we headed to Bali
for a very special occasion
gadget's brother was marrying his wonderful
new wife in a traditional
Balinese Ceremony

we had a lovely time surrounded by our extended family
exploring and rediscovering the charms of Bali

i love the sights, sounds and smells of 
a foreign country
however i have to say i love the sights, sounds and smells of home
as the plane came down to land in Sydney
and i caught a glimpse of 
the Opera house and Harbour bridge the tears welled up in my eyes
(probably the fact they were playing i still call Australia home probably didn't help)
stepping out off the airport 
the sweet smell of an australian rainy day was wonderful

arriving home to find this beautiful message 
left by my kids
hearing their voices and laughter 
filled my heart to bursting
the sneaky monkeys even managed to arrange for my eldest to come 
come home for dinner 

it was wonderful to sit in front of my beloved Victoria 
(sewing machine)
and listen to her distinct hum
with the music of australian birds outside my window
and a light cool breeze gently drifting through my window

it was also pretty cool that my smart phone became smart again
and the wifi was quick and i can access the wifi
without heading to the hotel lobby
(although this was a pretty nice to hang out)

i had a wonderful time
Bali was magical and a great adventure
i loved spending time with my extended family

but i am a homebody
through and through
and i am always happiest in my Nest
more about Bali to come

"hope your hands are working on a project that you love"

Googy Girl

Thursday, March 6, 2014

12hrs of stitching fun

On Saturday I packed up Victoria (my sewing machine) and we headed off to Thorpe and co
For 12 hours of sewing fun.

The marathon girls all lined up awaiting instructions

We had a choice of creating a project designed by Cristie or working on our own projects. I decided that since I had nt worked on Merrimack since just after Christmas that I would work on it. But after seeing the lovely quilts , Cristie s project, the girls were making I though about changing my mind. . . . . But I resisted temptation

This my centre block with it s first tiny very carefully cut border, I think it frames the block perfectly ( but I am a little biased)

The Marathon ladies were spread out throughout the store , surrounded by new machines, fabric and all manner of temptations, upstairs we had lovely food layed out for us, fruit, cheese and cakes for lunch/afternoon tea. At happy hour we were each offered a glass or two of bubbles and dinner included a scrumptious meal, including Maarten's very own fried rice, roast chicken and salads finished by ice creams for Desert. Cristie, Sue and Sue's lovely daughter (sorry I did nt get her name) took such great care of us......

I had a bit of work to do on the star blocks, they were month two blocks and have been the most time consuming blocks yet and then I soon had my second borders together

Second border on and I m thinking it looks really good, it was certainly very popular with many of the ladies commenting and stopping off to see how it was progressing. I m pretty impressed with it, especially since most of the blocks have been pieced on Victoria including those 5" eight pointed star blocks.

Unfortunately when I was fussy cutting the last borders, tiredness got the better of me and I cut one of the borders wrong, so at the moment my Merrimack has 3/4 of her 3rd border on. I was pretty disappointed in myself but mistakes happen , I tried to piece it together, but decided in the end to just purchase some more fabric.

It was a long couple of days, before I got to talk to the lovely Karen at Somerset Patchwork whom was extremely helpful and my extra fabric will be on its way soon. All in all I had a fabulous day and will be counting the days until the next 12 hour marathon . . . . .

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love "


Googy girl

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Rachael Porter workshop

A few weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend a Rachael Porter workshop with the Novocastrian Quilters. The workshop was to teach us how to do fussy cutting.

The inspiration for us all, the completed block

We had a choice of two colour ways, the pink and brown from above and purple and green. Those of you that know me well would know that the purple was always going to be my choice.

Rachael explained how she chose her fabrics and how to choose the perfect design and how she cut her fabrics

We cut our centre blocks, it looked good at this point

But sadly I was nt terribly good at positioning the papers on the fabric and my design did not have the magic the mirrors promised . . . . .

Rachael also had some really lovely quilts to show us, each of the pieces perfectly cut. The above quilt was recently included in the quilters companion, each of those stars perfectly fussy cut . . . . .

This gorgeous quilt is Rachael's version of Sue Daleys this goes with that, it was truly fabulous up close.

This is my second attempt at the centre block, it's still not perfect but I m happy with it , 
sadly for this project I am working on
A very very big secret sewing project ( which i just adore) so progress may be a little slow on this little project . . . . and all the other projects in my to do basket

but that's ok i am  loving what i am working on 

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love  too"


Googy girl

Le Dolce Vita . . . . .

Saturday, January 18, 2014

A new passion

You all know my love of sewing
And you also know that I enjoy photography and reading and you ve seen that I bake occasionally. Well before Christmas I was having a discussion about making bread and in particular sourdough with one of the lovely girls from work and her lovely husband sent me in a sour dough starter, if anyone has dabbled in sourdough baking they know that getting a good sourdough starter takes a bit to create. 
 So I was pretty thrilled.

Instantly I was hooked and So in the month leading up to Christmas I had quite a few attempts at making a loaf of sourdough,
unfortunately all of them fairly unsuccessful

Each of them tasted good, just like the real thing but unfortunately just did nt rise very well, despite all my efforts. So Gadget knowing that once I had the bread obsession happening i would nt stop until I had a success

decided to give me a helping hand and gave me

So I spent many hours at Soldiers Point reading about all the nitty gritty of bread making, learning about how each of the ingredients work and how they interacted with each other.

Now I am a well known Nerd and just loved the science of bread making

So as soon as I arrived home I headed into the kitchen to bake my first loaf of white bread and create a little yeast miracle

Measuring and mixing

Kneading, the right way, not the bodgy half hearted way I was before
using my new board a gift from a lovely friend for christmas
( and yep I was kneading in my pj s)

And wow did this loaf rise, fabulous little yeast cells . . . . . . See that sourdough yeast cells . . . That's how you rise

My first loaf all warm and crunchy, it was awfully difficult not cutting it while it was hot . . . But my River Cottage Guide said I should nt

The finished loaf, which not only looked the part but tasted great as well . . . .

I ve since had another crack at the sourdough and it rose a little better this time, but still not quite as much as it should. . . . . But I won t give up . . . .

So many bread recipes to try, so little time . . . Especially now I am back at work, 

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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