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so the knitting bug continues  and I find myself most evenings curled up by the fire with my yarn and needles maybe once the summer returns I will drift back to my needles and thread

I ve finally taken the big leap and started my first sweater  in a lot of years I ve chosen to go with  Truly Myrtle's Gingerbread sweater
it's really quite a simple but elegant design  and just perfect for my first top down sweater.

the yarn is Nyx from Outlaw yarns and comes from across the pond New Zealand  and is a Polwarth, silk mix
it's a very soft pink
 tonight I discovered the joy of  tassel making

I have just finished knitting a shawl (which I will show you next time)  and needed to make a tassel to complete it Truly Myrtle has a great tutorial

I got so into the swing of it, I even made one for my super cute  little sheep scissors
I love learning new things starting new projects and creating with my hands
I hope your hands are working on a project that you love
catch you later
Googy Girl

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