Wednesday, May 28, 2014

churn dash block swap

The churn dash block has alway been amongst my favourite traditional blocks. 
I did consider running a block swap, just so I could gather lots of these super cute blocks. 
Well lucky for me someone else thought of it too

Cathy from Novocastrian quilters has organised an eight month churn dash block swap using civil war reproduction fabrics and shirtings.

Above are my April and May blocks ready to swap

My already swapped March and

February blocks

They are collectively a lot more colourful and bright then I had thought they would be and ideas are already forming in my head as to the gorgeous quilt they will make. I've been doing a lot of looking at Pinterest for inspiration and surfing the net. I am loving this swap and I think this will make a bright happy traditional quilt.

Have you made a Churn dash Quilt?

Where do you get you inspiration?


Googy girl

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Merrimack update

This post has been a long time coming, the photos were taken almost a week ago
Like some of my other blogging pals I feel my blogging mojo has slipped of late.
But I ve had lots of enquires about my Merrimack so here is the update

The lovely Karen of Somerset patchwork sent me some more fabrics and my 3rd border is now complete and as it should be ( in a previous post I told of how i had made a cutting error and had multiple joins in one side of the border)

The first of the appliqué corner blocks for 4th border are complete, the second is now in progress. I need to make four of these blocks

I have started the cutting for these star blocks, these are also for the fourth border.
Unfortunately I have some very important secret sewing happening so Merrimack is on the back burner....hopefully not for very much longer.....

I wanted to share this little cutie, I first seen these on lillabelle lanes Instagram post. I searched for them on Etsy and was so charmed by them I purchased a few of them. They are magnetic and attack to your work by a magnet on the back and then they hold your needle for you by magnet on the front

Samantha posted them quickly to me and they arrived in this cute little packaging

And I've even found that they come in handy for other sewing jobs, like keeping my thread close whilst working on my secret sewing project.

Pop over to
Samantha's shop she has lots of cute designs and they would make great gifts

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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