Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Okay i have done it only lasted . . . . .
23 days and have gone and signed myself up. . . . . . 
(so much for thinking if i blogged it,  i wouldn't do it)
for a BOM and swap
you see i wandered over to this blog and she had the most 
gorgeous little stitchery 
which makes the most gorgeous little Lavender bag 
and i just couldn't stop myself.....

i mean i LOVE lavender and i LOVE all things french so. . .
that was it hooked
does anyone know if there is a program for 
. . . . . . . . BOM anonymous. . . . . . .

my name is Patricia and i am an addict . . . . . 

in all seriousness i am excited and am thrilled to be part of 


and look forward to showing you my Lavande bag soon

hope your hands are working on something that you love


Sunday, January 22, 2012


So for the past week and a half i have been holidaying at beautiful
Fingal Bay

i have heaps of photo's to show you so you best make a cuppa and sit down 

okay this is what happens when i work out how to use 
all the cool gadgets that my photoshop program has

i have worked out how to do panorama's 

 this photo was 5 separate photo's combined 
pretty clever ...huh

i love the ocean and all the amazing patterns it create's
i can see a FMQ design here....somewhere

another gorgeous shot taken on my early morning walk

yep that's my shadow ..... bit curvy in spots but so am i

and below is what is going to help me smooth out those curves

my new Bike, nope Santa didn't bring me a bike, i got this gorgeous gal 
just before christmas

i have been hooning around everywhere all over the bay 
on my pushy, i had forgotten just how much fun 
riding a bike was
(mind you it is pretty flat around here and home has a lot more hills)

as a young girl i spent hours riding my bike
i am sure my mum actually thought
 i was physically attached to it
ironically my first bike was green and so is this beauty

and just in case you all thought i had given up on sewing 
and have been spending all my time on the beach with 
my toes in the sand
ereader in my hands 

i have proof

this gorgeous cross stitch is another of my tri centenury projects
(it will be finished sometime in the next three hundred years)

i leave this stitchery in the camping trailer 
just in case 
i run out of things to do

.......  hold on i just fell over laughing  ....... 
(i never have nothing to do)
but i do sometimes need a bit of a diversion

this is what it may look like one day......i nearly have the roof finished

this is what i took to the bay to work on 
the area outlined in pink 
is what i had done when i got here
all the rest has been completed here 
during the afternoons chatting with 
family and friends

hope you have all had a lovely christmas new year period

and that your hands are working on something that you love

is having a great little give away
so pop on over to her site
and have a look

i have been doing lot's of blog visiting the past few days
there are so many gorgeous BOM projects 
happening at the moment

I hope your hands are working on something that you love

Ciao for now

Sunday, January 8, 2012


The first week of the new year continues to be Almost as pleasant as the first day….well i did have to go to work at one point . . . but otherwise very nice…

. . . This . . . 

Do you all remember my disastrous attempts at free motion quilting……well actually machine quilting at all???  My walking foot quilting leaves a lot to be desired last time I did it as well . . . . .

Well I have resolved that 2012 will be the year that all that will be a thing of the past  
I am on a mission, a mission to learn how to free motion quilt (and get my walking foot quilting up to speed as well)

So I have joined
 SewCalGal  's FMQ 2012 challenge
And Leah Day 's FMQ challenge and I have been reading  and watching 
I can find on line….i have even purchased a book or two to guide me as well .
These are some of the sites that I have found very interesting so far

this one was unreal had me dragging gadget to the wood section of Bunnings 
have a look at this one, you will have to page down but wow what an inspration

Sew Cal and Leah both suggest that you practice your designs by sketching on paper until the design becomes second nature that way when you get to the machine you just need to co ordinate your hands and the speed of the machine, kep your stitch length even and do a pretty design . . . . . sounds easy doesn’t it . . . .
I KNOW it’s not but that’s okay I have 358 days to learn this . . . .and so as my very goods friends in blogging land you are going to have to hear all about it . . .

Now to the that…..
I have been doing more than reading on the net, working eating and sleeping I have evens queezed in a little sewing time

I have cut the pieces for the final five blocks for Durlindana

And I have been needle turn appliqueing  (didn’t think that was a word but the computer said yes)
This is Miss S’s quilt and you will be seeing a lot of this as it is also my mission to get this quilt batted up ready for hand quilting by the end of the year

I also have this quilt to do some work on

And this quilt

some of the blocks from that quilt are still in their envelopes

 check out the date
. . . . . 2009 . . . .

I am thinking by the time I get these tops all done I will be an excellent free Motion quilter and I will do fabulous quilting designs on all these quilts (getting a bit ahead of myself)

So as you can see I am going to be pretty busy…….

Best get off her and go do something productive……

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Sunday, January 1, 2012

A great way to start the year . . .

I have had a wonderful start to the new Year
if it's true that what you do on the first day of the new year you will do through out the year
2012 will be a wonderful year

we spent the early hours of the morning celebrating the new year in the company of our
good friends and their family

then i did some sewing on the sewing machine
it's the first time in quite a while i have made the time to do some machine work
and it felt soooo good 
i think i need a sign for the machine that's say
"you know you want to, and you know you will really enjoy it"

any way, i did some work on "Durlindana"

previously i had planned to name this quilt Cappella
however have decided to name the quilt in honour of my late Nonna (grandmother) in law

i have also done some work on Miss S's quilt with the mission being that all the appliqué
 be completed by the end of the year and the quilt be batted up 
and ready for hand quilting in 2013

here you can see Miss S's quilt in my new sewing box that my mum 
gave me for christmas, you can also see one of the fabulous bags that i received from

this is my gorgeous new sewing box, when my mum gave it to me she said
"i thought you could use it for your jewellery "
i instantly thought
"i will be using it for my sewing"

these are my gorgeous gifts that i received in my SSCS swap
from Annalise

i just love the fabrics

so fresh and bright and so handy i have already put two of them to use

Annalise also gave me this beautiful thimble which is just fantastic as i love everything French
i have ever since i was a little girl 

so i was very very excited to get this thimble

so now i have done all his sewing i am going to finish my day with a nice
cool cocktail

and a swim in my pool

hope your hands are working on something that you love

and i look forward to sharing my life with you all in 2012