Saturday, January 18, 2014

A new passion

You all know my love of sewing
And you also know that I enjoy photography and reading and you ve seen that I bake occasionally. Well before Christmas I was having a discussion about making bread and in particular sourdough with one of the lovely girls from work and her lovely husband sent me in a sour dough starter, if anyone has dabbled in sourdough baking they know that getting a good sourdough starter takes a bit to create. 
 So I was pretty thrilled.

Instantly I was hooked and So in the month leading up to Christmas I had quite a few attempts at making a loaf of sourdough,
unfortunately all of them fairly unsuccessful

Each of them tasted good, just like the real thing but unfortunately just did nt rise very well, despite all my efforts. So Gadget knowing that once I had the bread obsession happening i would nt stop until I had a success

decided to give me a helping hand and gave me

So I spent many hours at Soldiers Point reading about all the nitty gritty of bread making, learning about how each of the ingredients work and how they interacted with each other.

Now I am a well known Nerd and just loved the science of bread making

So as soon as I arrived home I headed into the kitchen to bake my first loaf of white bread and create a little yeast miracle

Measuring and mixing

Kneading, the right way, not the bodgy half hearted way I was before
using my new board a gift from a lovely friend for christmas
( and yep I was kneading in my pj s)

And wow did this loaf rise, fabulous little yeast cells . . . . . . See that sourdough yeast cells . . . That's how you rise

My first loaf all warm and crunchy, it was awfully difficult not cutting it while it was hot . . . But my River Cottage Guide said I should nt

The finished loaf, which not only looked the part but tasted great as well . . . .

I ve since had another crack at the sourdough and it rose a little better this time, but still not quite as much as it should. . . . . But I won t give up . . . .

So many bread recipes to try, so little time . . . Especially now I am back at work, 

"I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Holidays, sunsets and stitches

I was one of the lucky few who received annual leave at my workplace this year, unfortunately illness does nt go on holidays at Christmas so most of us just work straight through.

We took advantage of this opportunity and joined friends at Soldiers Point,

Since the sun sets over the water here it makes for great sunsets and the photographer in me just can t miss a potential great photo. so most evenings I have been watching the sun go down through a camera lens

This photo was taken looking over the Marina, where the big boys keep their toys

Taken from sunset beach late December 2013

Taken last night

Since I ve had a bit of time on my hands, I ve been catching up on my reading and researching a new passion and I ve finally made a start on the 4th month blocks from Somerset patchwork in the Merrimack Quilt

These are the block I needed to make, four of the small ones ( bottom right) and four of the larger ones

I've been busy and have completed the four small blocks

I've really enjoyed the needle turn appliqué and these blocks were pretty quick to create

Yesterday I started the first of my large blocks. Since I only have three days left here I am pretty confident I won t finish all four before I get home, but that's ok as I have a heap of my favourite soapie recorded so will have a good excuse to sit and sew.

At this point you are probably thinking hold on we have nt seen month two and three of merrimack well that's because they are still definite WIP s month two is not even half way done and month three is close but not quite finished.

I have to confess here that I feel a lot of frustration about the small amount of time I have to dedicate to sewing and was feeling quite down in the chops that I fell so far behind with Merrimack. But I am working hard at convincing myself that it s all about the journey of making the quilt and the experiences each quilt brings rather then the increasing size of the pile of quilts I have completed. Most days it

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love "


Googy girl