Kings creek station

We arrived at Kings creek station around middayTuesday.

Kings creek station is about 36kms from Kings Canyon. The property is a working cattle and camel station that provides a variety of accommodation. 

Above is the pretty cool BBQ shed , it was a great cool place to spend the afternoon.  The camping area is really well maintained and whilst the amenities would quite meet the standards of the Hilton .... it was pretty unique to look out from your shower to a unobstructed view of gum trees. (they amenities were very private )  

Up close and personal with one of the residents 

There are helicopters rides available over Kings canyon.  However we chose not to fly this time because we wanted to get up close and personal.

On a ridge above the camping area , spectacularsunset views across the ranges . ?? The George Giles ranges , but I m not sure. 

As I identified in the previous post we were without internet here. We could buy internet, however decided to enjoy our time relaxing and not being online.  I, as you can see above,  used my timeproductively and created two of the rings for my BOM.

Gadget didn’t enjoy a internet free world quite so much.  

À Bientôt



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