We arrived in Katherine on Wednesday afternoon. We pretty much just set up Bridget and relaxed for the afternoon. 

We became acquainted with the local. The bird above were pretty much always around looking for a feed and one if his colleagues actually decided to enter Bridget to see what he could find.

The wallaby’s above were a huge source of entertainment. There were two adult wallabies and this little guy who made a brief appearance then disappeared again, back into his mums pouch.

We rose earlish on Friday to do the dawn cruise on the gorge. Again the drought has limited our adventure and we were only able to explore two gorges ( I know this is nothing compared to whatthis weather is doing to our struggling farmers). 

However two gorges were enough to fill our hearts with love for this beautiful place. Our guide onthe boat trip was so informative, pointing out baby peregrine falcons on the ledge above us , explaining how the water had carved out the gorge. Where the crocodiles like to lay their eggs and when the traditional owners of this land knew when the crocodiles had layed their eggs by what trees were blooming at that time.

We were able to see this amazing art created by the Jawoyn people many many years ago. Our guide explained that part of this artwork showed that this area was rich in food. 

After the cruise we headed into town bought a new memory card for the camera ( because I had taken tooo many photos) and we then headed out to Edith falls. Edith falls has two areas where you can go swimming. The image above shows the upper falls. Where we spent quite a bit of time swimming and relaxing on the rocks watching everyone else swimming.

We headed back into town and spent a relaxing hour or so in the Katherine thermal springs( pictured above) chatting with some other travelers.

À bientôt 



Janice said…
Another day in paradise.

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