Today we truely did a short trip just 168kms from Daly Waters to Mataranka. We didn’t travel into town but immediately turned off to the Mataranka homestead camping ground. 

Upon arriving I discovered 

This homestead a replica of the original Elsey station homestead, built and used for the 1982 movie “ we of the never never”. 

The house was moved here shortly after production was completed. The real Elsey station was located about 14 kms east of Mataranka.  

The dresses in this case are some of the original costumes worn by Angela Punch McGregor in the film.

The house also has other household items shown in the movie.

Once we had set Bridget up , we wandered down to the thermal pool. 

The thermal spring is not heated by some underground “hot spot” but by a vast underground reservoir that is heated by the temperature of the ground.

The above image shows rainbow spring where the water rises to the surface 

The pool itself was created by soldiers dammingthe water during WW2.  The waters were really lovely and warm and it was really relaxing floating and chatting to fellow travelers.

Definitely a lovely spot to visit.

À Bientôt 



Janice said…
What a gorgeous spot. It does look like it would be very relaxing in the water.

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