Daly waters

Yesterday we made the short hop (502km) from  Wauchope NT ( devils marbles) to Daly Waters l NT

We stopped  off at a road house for a coffee ( they wanted $4:50 for coffee from a machine) which we didn’t end up buying,  but we did meet this guy hanging out in the outdoor restaurant.

The road just seemed to go on and on and on.  For some reason it just seemed to take a long time. 

Maybe due to boredom , we became enthralled by these termite mounds .... there is billions of them. In some spots they looked like a graveyard. Apparently they are really hard and will damage your vehicle if you run into them, some can be upto 100 years old.

These ones were pretty small really as we went north we seen bigger / taller ones.  Not only were we intrigued by these termite homes , many a tourist before us has been as well if the number of “clothed” mounds are any indication. We seen one with a lacy bra and matching knickers , a lot with T-shirt’s a few high visibility shirts and even one with its own unicorn onesy on. 

The above tree stump, located just prior to the Daly Waters township has the letter S carved into it. It is believed to have been carved by John McDouall Stuart in 1862 when he reached Daly Waters on his successful trip from Adelaide to Darwin.

Daly Waters 

Is one of those iconic little townships that Australia produces.  The village is filled with eccentric buildings with parts of helicopters , cars and other paraphernalia. The pub even has its own traffic lights.

Looking beyond the buildings though.  Daly waters actually has a pretty interesting history.  

We spent a quiet afternoon here at the Daly Waters hotel , me catching up on the blog, gadget plotting the remainder of the trip and catching up on the news.

The evening was spent enjoying the famous “beef and Barra” meal and listening to live entertainment. We were lucky enough to hear Allison Forbes a family member of a close friend. 
It was a lovely relaxing afternoon in a unique spot that wasn’t part of the plan when we left Newcastle 2 and a bit weeks ago ..... but we were pretty thrilled we made it here.

À bientôt 



Janice said…
I've enjoyed catching up on your last few day's travels. You are definitely making the most of your time and seeing lots of fascinating places.

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