Coober Pedy to Uluru

We left Coober Pedy on Friday morning

Crossing over into our third state on this trip. It was a relatively short drive in comparison with other days. We had two places that we consideredstaying at  between Coober Pedy and Uluru

we chose to stay at Kulgera roadhouse. We had a pretty quiet afternoon. During the evening we enjoyed the company of the locals at the hotel, which is all included in the roadhouse/ caravan park

The entertainment truely was looking at all the bras and hats that have been donated to decorate the roof .... I didn’t make a donation. But we alsogot to watch a game of AFL with some of the locals.

We headed off early the next morning

About an hour away from Uluru we see this rock formation ( above) in the distance, we were a little perplexed as to what it was, we like most people knew about Uluru and Kata- Tjuta but didn’t know of any other large rock formation , off course we had no internet coverage so we could ask Mr Google.  we soon had our questions answered as we came upon a lookout, identifying it as Mount Connor. Mount Connor sits on the Curtain Springs station.

As we approached we could see these columns of black smoke rising, we became increasingly concerned as we got closer and seen fire on the roadside. But it was all good , the area was being patch burnt by the Anangu ( the local indigenousresidents). To reduce the risk of bush fires duringthe summer.

The gardens around the Ayres Rock Resort are filled with local flora and I had the opportunity to see my first Sturt desert pea as well as many other beautiful native plants. 

In the evening we joined a group of others to dine on the sand dunes under the stars and see thefield of lights.

The field of lights is an art installation created byBruce Monroe. It was originally displayed in London but will now remain in place at Uluru until 2020

The lights are all solar generated, there is over 300 000 individual components in the display andit covers 49000 square metres. 

As part of the evening our guides provided a bit of a astrology lesson as well.  It was a beautiful 
evening spent under a stunning southern sky with amazing food with Australian native ingredients.

À bientôt 

Googy Girl 


Janice said…
You have to love the quirky outback pubs. How wonderful is the field of lights. It really must have been a special evening.

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