Saturday, July 28, 2012

an Eggcellent weekend

Last weekend i was very lucky to be invited to join with a group of fabulous women to do a weekend retreat at cottage on the hill

in Nundle

kerry's fabulous shop

of course there was wine to share

and these little guys were the incitement to press our seams,
they waited for us at the ironing board

my strips grew quickly

there was a lot of concentration

and a little bit of hairdressing

a beautiful sunset greeted us as we left after the first day

my finished quilt top, completed just after lunch on the sunday

Beau our constant companion for the weekend, he was always right there on the doorstep enjoying the sun

if you have ever considered going to Kerry's (cottage on the hill) for a weekend retreat


you will have a ball spending all day stitching and eating glorious food

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Sunday, July 15, 2012

Birthday wishes and the secret sewing sisters

throughout the week i have been receiving parcels

from all over Australia

i diligently put them aside to wait for the big day

my pile was pretty good

and then
 after the big opening ceremony 

tah dah
lot's of lovely fabrics
some notebooks
and lots of heart felt greetings

to my

secret sewing sisters
. . . . you know who you are . . . . . 

Thank you

you made my day just that much brighter

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Saturday, July 7, 2012

on my sewing table - an update, Durlindana

I ve been pretty busy this past week, 
i finally stopped procrastinating and Durlindana has finally made it to the 
sewing table

initially i planned to do my cross designs with my brand new quilting Halo 
(a recent purchase in Sydney)
(this is my sample and i found the quilting halo great on this sample , i will let you know how it goes on the full size quilt)

but after two attempts i found that the lines weren't straight and i decided that despite
the increased work of twisting and turning the quilt through the machine
i would use the walking foot

my cross design, i think it looks really good and i am really happy with the overall effect

the quilt mountain behind Victoria (the machine)
boy has she worked hard for the last few nights

so the current count is

29 full size crosses done
7 full size crosses to go
12 half crosses to go

i hope your hands are working on some thing that you love



Sunday, July 1, 2012

on my sewing cabinet - Y seams

making a project using Y seams on the sewing machine has been something i have avoided for a while. A few years ago i had a go at doing Y seams on a quilt for my husband i had a lot of problems and  was really bad at it, i ended up hand sewing the blocks together and as a result i still have 3 blocks to go. . . . .

At the craft show at Newcastle last year i had a long talk with the lovely Paul from Somerset Patchwork and he assured me they were easy and i purchased

the Portsmouth pattern, the Le Moyne template kit and some lovely reproduction fabrics

i procrastinated for a while then decided to get going
the templates were fantastic to use and i quickly had my pieces cut out using my small rotary cutter

again i procrastinated for a few months, then started piecing them together in pairs
strictly following the simple directions provided in the pattern

all seemed to go well 

i quickly reached the point were i only needed to put my final corner blocks in

after talking to Karen from Somerset at the Sydney quilt show about how to press my seams i decided
to get off the procrastination roundabout
 hey presto one very proud owner of my first Y seam pieced Le Moyne star block

now the question is what to do with my orphan block?

Maybe this, i really loved this quilt 
( i seen it up close at the Sydney craft show this year)
this is Somerset's Somersby quilt or 
maybe i should make the Portsmouth quilt

definitely keen to make more but this many . . .  .
might need to buy some more reproduction fabrics
(whats that you said gadget, "i have a shoe box full of them that i have been getting from Somerset s reproduction club" nahh  . . . .  those are for another project . . .  well may be i could use some but i definitely need more)
i think i might procrastinate some more

seriously though if you have avoided Y seams give them a go, they just need a little patience, a gentle foot on the sewing machine peddle and although my block is not perfect i enjoyed making it

Secret sewing

don't you just love working on a secret sewing project
this is my secret sewing project i have been working on for the last few weeks
sorry it's a bit blurry but i don't want to give anything away and the photo was super enlarged

this lovely project is heading over seas in the next few days 
i hope the new owner project enjoys it as much as i enjoyed making it

a huge thank you to 
of willow berry designs for this fabulous little swap, i have loved all the projects

i hope your hands are working on a project that you love

i will show you all the complete project in a couple of weeks when i know it has arrived safe and sound