Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a sigh of releif

I LOVE starting new projects. . . . I really do, just like every other quilter/sewer i know. . . . . and i have lot's of projects on the go . . . . .but what i also really love is finishing projects. . . . . .

I love that sense of achievement when something is finished and i can say . . i Made that . . . . . . .  it's finished I also love that amazement when i look at the top of my sewing cabinet and go wow that's right that's the colour of the cabinet . . . .as the mountain of projects have magically disappeared. you see i need to confess that i have a very annoying illness, i need things to be tidy. . . .  yeh i know, i know . . . . . but i can't help it i just really like a bit of order, it makes me feel good . . . .

so now your thinking i am going to have heaps to show you . . . .  nope can't show you yet. . . .  it's secret stitching , I have been very fortunate to be part of Chookyblue's secret santa swap for 2012

these lovely wrapped parcels are on Santa's sleigh heading for an overseas destination

these were posted yesterday, yeh a little late . . .i have an excuse though . . . .you see i was sleeping when the Santa's sleigh office was open . . .  like a vampire i wandered the earth at night, and slept during the day ( yeh . . . i have been on Night duty once again) that's why i didn't make it to the blog meet in Bathurst, and also why my parcel was a little late getting onto the sleigh. But the lady at the sleigh office assure's me that my parcel will arrive at it's destination by the end of the week, so i am happy

so now i just need to wait for my sleigh to arrive . . . .

i have been doing some other stitching as well, nothing really amazing just some christmas scrubs for work

just need to do the hem, i must say i have enjoyed making this top so quick to put together

which is good because this material is also about to be clipped, pinned, tucked and stitched into a scrub top as well . . . . 

that's enough from me for now, i am thrilled my secret stitching is over for a while, now. I like having something to show and tell on my blog

Hope your hands are working on something that you love


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Friday night with friends

Well i can't show you what i worked on on friday night, because i worked on my secret stitching. . . . . nearly done.

but what i can show you is a project that i completed recently

i have been part of a sewing class specifically created for my model sewing machine.
the classes are held at thorpe and co newcastle
and each month we are taught different skills and functions our machines can do

decorative stitches


the simple stunning difference a triple needle can make to an ordinary stitch

how to put an invisible zipper in and how to do cording

it was a great project and it was alot of fun playing with the machine

i hope your hands are working on something that you love


Googy Girl