Wednesday, October 23, 2013


For many years this lounge graced our lounge room. It was a great lounge , really cosy and I spent many many evenings curled up on this lounge stitching, reading and watching movies.

But time has worn her down and the wear and tear of teenagers and too much love had it s effect.

So we purchased our new lounge, you have already seen some shots of it modelling my latest quilt already it has become a part of the creative team of the egg household.

The new lounge set of a domino effect and resulted in a new mat, a new lamp and a new wooden chest ( under the lamp in the corner)

Then finally the final piece of the puzzle, the blinds have arrived . . . . . . . and we love them. They are a dual blind with a dark sheer blind that provides privacy , during the day, but we can see through. Then a block out blind to block out the sun and give us privacy at night . . . . .

Viola . . . . . The new egg lounge room

"Hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

Ohhhh I nearly forgot to show you, I have a new companion when I m blogging

Snow White ( always my favourite fairy tale character) has come to join me, and hopefully between us we might get organised enough to blog more often . . . . . . .

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