Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And so it begins...... The Double Wedding Ring adventure

Well i awoke Australia day to the sound of rain pattering down on Bridget's roof. Which was a little sad as it was our last day away, and the night before i had had a lovely evening stitching and watching Kyrgios playing Seppi.

But unfortunately the rain had set in and it wasn't looking like clearing for several days, and to make things even worse for some reason our television reception went crappy. So we decided we may as well head home where we could watch the Television and get all the unpacking over and done with. So the upside of this was that i got to start working on my DWR quilt.

Last week i finally starting cutting my fabric for my DWR quilt
i cut what i thought was heaps of pieces, only to discover i have cut less than a quarter of what i will need ( and that is just for the arcs). I am using the Matilda's own Double Wedding Ring template set and my smaller rotary cutter and so far so good.

Last Night Victoria and i set to work, stitching these pieces together.

i m trying to be random in an organised way . . . . LOL

This is greatly assisted by the use of my pudding Bowl, ( to contain all the little pieces and mix them up a little) and a glass of wine of course . . . . .

i hope you had a fabulous Australia Day
"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy Girl

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Apia international

This week seen me tripping off with my gorgeous friend to watch the Tennis. I just adore watching the Tennis and this is the second year in a row we have headed down to Sydney.
For the Apia International at Olympic Park

We were very lucky to be there early in the tournament so we had a huge choice of players to watch

We watched Sam Stosur win her first match and then the next day watched her lose the second.

Del Potro is always amazing to watch, we were lucky as we also got to watch B Tomic, S Groth and many many other  fabulous players.

Our second day seen us fortunate enough to get to meet and get the autographs of  Ken Rosewall and later in the day Bernard Tomic.

The evening of the second day as we drew closer to Nick Kyrgios playing the weather decided not to play fair and it started to rain , not a huge downpour but enough that the players came out on the court, then promptly left again. When the rain stopped we watched as the volunteers and ball boys and umpires dried the court with towels. This scene was repeated again twice and finally late at night the players finally played there game, unfortunately Nick did nt win, but the stadium was just electric and it was a great game.

The healthy eating / exercise regime went well the first week with a loss of over 1.5kgs , unfortunately the Tennis was not so kind to healthy eating, with little or no healthy options and returning home to night duty has severely restricted the exercise program, it s very hard to be motivated when your tired. So I m dreading the weigh in tomorrow but i m not in a  hurry to lose the weight and i have to live my life and this is part of life so I am just going to get back on tract as of today. Chat again soon . . . .

" I hope your hands are working on a project that you love"


Googy girl

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Feeling blessed and excited about twenty fifteen

Well the Christmas new year period, buzzed by in a whirl in the Googy household. It just seem to be close and then it was all over. It was a lovely christmas day, quite quiet for me ,which is unusual,  as i finished work at 7:30am came home opened the presents with mum and my family then Gadget (DH) and Miss M headed off to my mother in laws, whilst Miss S headed over to Master T family's place and i was supposed to have a sleep. Well cope, Eddie and i went and curled up for a sleep, but i only had  an hour as it was hot and it was christmas and i was a bit excited. So I got up put on the christmas music , had a swim in the pool and tidied up ready for my family to all return.

2015 has brought with it many promises for me, i have promised myself  that i will shed all those very unwanted kilo's that have slowly crept on over the past few years, so i ve started walking and today i took to the pool doing laps and aqua fitness. i feel great that i am doing something for myself. The photo above was taken on the day i started my walking campaign, pretty nice place to exercise.

i have also decided that i have procrastinated for far too many years and it's time to start my Double wedding ring quilt, i think it has been on my to do list for about 15years. Since this year will see gadget and i celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary i think it would make an amazing gift to us both.

Since packing up the nest, because Miss M has moved back home, i realised how many projects i have on the go and how many as yet to start projects i have so twenty fifteen will be my year of completing projects i already own. i m already finding this a challenge with the Stitch-a-long providing a huge amount of temptation. i really love that quilt and Anni Downs designs.....

i am currently working on this table runner from Hatched and Patched i already have the piecing done and am just plodding along with the appliqué.

however this Month is Margaret Sampson George month for me and i am dedicating the whole month to working on my MSG quilt, it has been lulling in the background and i really need to get back to it, i will provide more photo's next post of my work so far.

i am also promising myself more time on here, on my blog. Last year i really moved away from blogging, in the beginning it was a bit of a conscience effort as i wanted to spend more time creating things then surfing the net. but i have really missed blogging and the interaction with all my friends in Blog land, so look out girls

. . . . I'M Back . . . . .

"i hope your hands are working on a project that you love"

Googy Girl

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