PHD update

so i have been a pretty poor blogger of late, but i have a good reason
i have been stitching.....trying to meet my PHD deadline so.....
with 18 days to go i am thrilled to say i have made real progress

i was a little worried though 
i pinned my already bordered blocks up on my design wall
( a already completed quilt, hung back to front)
and decided that the red i had used it my blocks was to dominant and was 
detracting from the stitching 

so i unpicked the blocks and re created them

then i finished the blocks that were yet to get their borders

and not only have i finished the first of my goals
but i am very close to finishing the second and third

the stitchery is all but done and will only need one good night of stitching

My Knitting is also progressing very well and i hope to be posting here soon  about another completed project

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Trish your TTS looks fantastic...well done...
Lyn said…
It is all looking so good, especially the TTS- you have been busy with your PHD's
your TTS is looking wonderful.......I think the unpicking was worth it if it took away from the stitcheries......
Wendy said…
Such beautiful stitcheries

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