the Wonderful Whirlwinds

Last Saturday Miss S's netball team won their grandfinal by 1 point
it was a fabulous game, with both teams fighting hard for the title of winner

Miss S has worked hard through out the season, as has the other girls and this was a well earned victory
the other team had beaten us in every previous match, so we went in thinking it would be a hard game for the girls

I am very proud of my daughter and her netball team, and thouroughly enjoyed the game

hope your hands are working on something you love




Linda said…
Congrtulations to the winners...I was on our school's team when I was a much fun!!
Trish that would have been a fantastic game to watch...well done to your DD...
I have just found your blog. Silly me still new at this. Sorry I have not commented before so I will be back.Sport is such a good thing for kids.Love the camera strap from the last post.
Lyn said…
You must all be thrilled and such a close game...

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