A very Norwegian Christmas

Okay there is no snow in the Hunter Valley.....
...... might as well be as it  is cold and miserable

but inside my place the festive season has taken hold  and the house feels warm and inviting
i have hung and placed all the projects i have made for Christmas over the years
there is now 3 quilts, 4 stockings ( i need to make one for Cooper)
a banner, Christmas tree skirt and countless ornaments

this year however my tree has a distinct Norwegian feeling

the beautiful balls made just for me by 

These gorgeous mittens were made by my wonderful friend

i might need to learn how to knit some little Norwegian stockings to make up the set

here's hoping that the silly season
has got you running around like a mad chook

and you have time to sit and stitch

hope your hands are working on something that you love



gorgeous ornaments on your tree...........must put mine up........
Linda said…
Love the ornaments! We will put our tree up this weekend perhaps...we always make the tree last...oh the anticipation!!
Cardygirl said…
Your decorations look lovely...love that knitting...love the festive changes to your blog too!
Fiona said…
Lovely ornaments... they will look great with some stockings too!!
Allie said…
What gorgeous ornaments!! We still have to dig out our tree, lol - maybe this weekend!
quilterliz said…
G'day. Beautiful ornaments. Just love the red and white. Take care. Liz...
Yes the silly season has me running around too. The ornaments are lovely, Scandinavian decorations are Soooo... Christmas. Have a Very Merry one with you and your family.

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