Wednesday, September 28, 2011

camping and secrets

So finally after quite a few months we finally had the opportunity to hook the
the trailer up and head off for a quiet weekend

it all started off beautifully with a perfect sunny friday 

this beautiful day culminated in this beautiful sunset

and of course as night fell the fire crackled away

and the wine and beer flowed

as the sun rose the next day i had plenty of time to work on some secret projects

these are just a few shots of some pressies that i have been working on for some very special people in my life, both of these projects are almost finished, so i am feeling very content with myself

As the sun started heading down on what was a wonderful stitching day, you can see the clouds had started to gather and as we headed off to bed we could hear the pat pat of rain drops on our roof

i was woken in the very early hours to the sounds of a very loud thunder storm
i guess the fact that there was really just a mere few millimeters of heavy duty canvas between me and the thundering skies made me feel more than a little nervous

when we stepped our of the trailer in the morning we found that we had about an inch of water over our outdoor matting and asa we packed up to head own the skies were kind and decided to stop dumping water on us.

so although it ended in a bit of moisture 
overall it was a wonderful relaxing weekend



Friday, September 16, 2011

PHD's complete

well i did it , i have completed all my projects, actually i pretty much had them finished last friday, as i was stitching the sleeves in my jumper as i chatted to chookyblue and watching fairy girl and her friends

previously in the PHD update i showed you that i had my Tis the season block stitched and showed you that all my borders were on, actually in my Thursday night stitch a thon you can see that all my TTS blocks were joined together.

and last night i added the final borders....taa daa..... definitely not my usual Christmas colours, i am usually very traditional red, gold and green, but i  think it came out really nice

For my birthday this year Gadget and the girls bought me an Ereader from Sony

an Ereader is an electronic device that you can purchase and download books on
this is extremely handy for me as i love to read, and when we head off camping, i can take three or four books (actually according to Sony it can store 1200 books) and  it is only the size of a small note book

so of course being me i decided that it needed a cover to protect it, i dragged out some of the gorgeous Cambodian silk that i purchased last year.

my brain ticked alot trying to come up with a design as to how to make it , in the end i decided a envelope style case would be great.

the finished product,
the first photo shows the true colour of the silk, all in all i  am very happy with it

and last but definitely not least

my jumper

it is very baggy, which i love and is made from alpaca wool,
i purchased the wool from Bendigo wool mills back in 2008 

i like the simple style of this jumper, i think it will be very ward and snuggly 
around the campfire at night

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the Wonderful Whirlwinds

Last Saturday Miss S's netball team won their grandfinal by 1 point
it was a fabulous game, with both teams fighting hard for the title of winner

Miss S has worked hard through out the season, as has the other girls and this was a well earned victory
the other team had beaten us in every previous match, so we went in thinking it would be a hard game for the girls

I am very proud of my daughter and her netball team, and thouroughly enjoyed the game

hope your hands are working on something you love



Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thursday night stitch-a-thon

As most of you know i work shift work, with my days all higgildy piggildy all over the place, lately however i
have had every thursday and friday off, and i seem to have gotten myself into a pattern with the housework ect..., anyway with Gadget and the girls at work / school i got up early and got stuck into the house work

By midday i was pretty happy with what i had done and decided that a mini break was in order and set to work cutting some fabric for some projects new and old. then set back to work again, by three pm i was at the sewing machine and i was on a mission to get some serious sewing done

my plan was 

  •  put the first border on my Tis the season quilt. 
  • start putting together the patchwork for the sewing bag in  Anni Downs latest book, some kind of wonderful 
  • and to make a camera strap cover.

with gadget out for the night and Miss M at work , it was just me and Miss S.
Miss S made dinner for us so i was free to sew

this is the patchwork all laid out , the small four patch blocks are all sewn together
with the cotton for the stitchery laid out on top
(I am hoping you will more of this soon)

The camera strap cover

I was on Allie's blog and she had put up a heap of links to other blogs that were giving patterns / instructions for all these nifty and cute projects, the moment i laid eyes on the camera strap cover i was 
you will find the instructions here at Fabric Family fun for the strap cover

I love the bright colors, i had picked up a Ruby (by Moda) charm pack a few weeks ago
(i don't think that gadget (DH) shared my enthusiasm, and i have a feeling he won't be borrowing the camera very

and finally the first border going onto my Tis the Season

now i just have to wait for the second border fabric to arrive

That's it for me

hope your hands are working on something that you love



Monday, September 5, 2011

La Dolce Vita

There are times in you life when everything just seems to fall into a happy hum. Last friday i was fortunate to have arranged to meet up with Cardy Girl for lunch,   it took me just over an hour to get to the patchwork shop we had arranged to meet at.

on the way up,  i had a smooth run and was bopping along in my Little Corolla, Katy Scarlett  (yep she's red) listening to (singing  at full volume) to the Beatles, just can't do a road trip without good music. I arrived safely just before Cardy and her friend Lea and was still humming (on the inside) whilst we wandered around the shop, and what a great shop it was, heaps of really nice fabrics and some really nice quilt kits. so if your passing through Singleton it is definitely worth popping into busyneedles .

the view into the cafe

after gathering our little bundles of  purchases (some of us had bigger bundles than others) We wandered down to worn out wares, a lovely little cafe with lot's of really lovely bits and peices for sale.....

now to make you drool........

Cardy Girl and Lea enjoyed these very yummy looking pumpkin stacks

i had this very tasty, smoked salmon open sandwich

and this very interesting cup of tea

like the good girls we are we sacrificed the dessert menu to go shopping instead
all that walking, looking is great for the waist line

then after a little bit slower trip home (still singing might i add)
i headed on over to my friends Sticky's for a BBQ
and then we headed off to watch 
our Mighty Knights
defeat the Rabbitoh's

all in all a really great day.....
hope your hands are working on a project you love



Thursday, September 1, 2011


All nature in Australia thrills
responsive to the rain,
and sudden verdure clothes the hills,
and glorifies the plain.
Yet all old England's simple tree's
to their old season's cling,
and scatter Autumns fading leaves
upon the lap of spring
Catherine Helen Spence 1905

My chinese tallowood is awakening from it's winter slumber

Early this year my very good friend 's (Sticky) parents unfortunately had to sell up their
property to move to something smaller and more manageable
Stick's mum is a wonderful gardener and had many wonderful orchids
she offered some to me....
very brave , because gardening is not one of my skills
she showed me how to re-pot them , as most were pot bound,
and i returned home to go to work
about a month ago i walked past my Orchid farm 
and noticed that three of the ten 
had flower buds

i check my little babies almost every day, waiting with baited breath to see 
my first ever home grown orchid

hope it is a wonderful first day of spring
wherever you are in Australia 
and  New Zealand
(is it the first day of spring for you New Zealand?)