GDITC 2012

wow i can't believe that it has been 8 days since GDITC 2012 and like  Sandy i have found since returning home i have had to pay for my sins and work like a trojan . . . . .   lol

i have worked 6 out of the last 7 days and that's just the payed employment, then here was the washing, ironing and general housework. . .   lol

but enough of that no whinging on this blog today
onto the good stuff


was as always fabulous

Alison and myself arrived just after lunch, and after checking in we immediately headed off for some shopping at Kerry' s and McClellands and Odgers

Nundle as always was pretty as a picture

we joined our fellow GDITC groupies for a some nibbles and bubbles on the lawn

and a bit of show and tell
Cardygirl (above) and Bird on the border (below)
had some wonderful quilts to show
 there were many other gorgeous quilts on show as well

Then off to Mt Misery for a fabulous dinner

we chatted and laughed so much we lost track of time and
Peg and Dales had to remind us with a friendly tap on the window
 we needed to get going to the trunkshow

Sue Daley's trunkshow was amazing i loved this quilt

and this one has me very interested
Sue is running it as a Block of the month and i am very tempted . . . .would love it in blues

I woke really early on the Saturday (like a child on christmas day . . . .) to find that Nundle was shrouded in mist it was stunning to see and had me racing to grab my camera

however the mist soon lifted and the sun shone down on what was to be a wonderful day

waiting to get in . . . .

The door to paradise 
(ok i have been listening to a lot of coldplay lately and this song is always in my head . . . LOL)

my goody bag

don't you love the feeling of a project about to begin, the wonder of how it will be . . .  .

Great company, Bird on the border

yummy food

catching up with great friends, even when they are getting an update on their sons game

the projects we could complete

the one i chose to do

my cabin buddy Lea

. . . . my new favourite mug . . . .
added to my GDITC mug collection

now usual i am definitely a purple gal, but i seen this bright sunny yellow happy cup 

and just had to have it

my project on the day

and my project now, beside my very inviting pool

 this has become a very long post, which i have to say i have smiled and chuckled as i have written remembering all the laughter and joy of Nundle

i hope this post breaks my blog drought and my blogging mojo returns, things have been very busy
around the egg household with lot's and lot's going on 
some of which i hope to share with you in weeks to come

so here's hoping 
your hands are working on something that you love



Fiona said…
What a great time... lovely to read your post... nothing like a fun weekend with lovely things to see to get your mojo back.... such pretty clamshells
Kelli said…
Wow, that looks like so much fun! :o)
You have been busy, these are the things we must do...bit it is all worth it for GDITC, fantastic photos...your clam shells are looking so good...Peg and Dale have had so much fun....
Allie said…
Nundle looks like a fairy-tale place, so gorgeous, how I would love to visit there! I'm glad you had a wonderful time hon, your project is beautiful!
Susan said…
It is so lovely to re-live every Nundle moment every time someone does a new post. Great photos, fun and memories.
Lyn said…
Lovely photos...sounds like just the best thing to do for a weekend away...wish I lived closer so I could experience the fun you all had..lovely piecing..
Anita said…
great pics - what a great weekend!!
Was great to catch up, need a mid year retreat I think LOL
Love the clam shells and the colours, one day I will get to a retreat!!
Anonymous said…
Great re-cap of a fab time! Loved your pics....I was another one out early with the camera on the Saturday morning to catch the early morning mist shots! i had the best time and am looking forward to next year already! I have done a few more rows on the clamshells and love the technique. Hopefully I will find some time over the Easter weekend to finish the project!
Maree: said…
Great Post & Pics Trish...
Pity it's another whole year before we do it again...
oh such a fun time together............over all too Susan I just love everyones posts........each view is slightly different........
Anonymous said…
Great photos of a great weekend Trish... I'm so far behind with my blog reading :(

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