as usual the egg household has been a hive of activity this month,
 maybe i should change my blog name to the busy bee's . . . . .?

at the beginning of the month we took possession of our luxury motel on wheels yep we have upgraded and are no longer trailer people we are now Van people

as always we have named our new motel on wheels
this time it's 


so Bridget is a 16ft Jayco Expanda

she is gadgets pride and joy  . . . . .because she is full of gadgets . . . .
we have hot and cold running water, we have an shower on the outside, yep we need a tent, although i could always do the big brother thing and wear my bikini's. . . . that would ensure we would have the camp site to ourselves
she has an air conditioner, stereo system with inside and outside speakers and the list gos on and on

so we spent most of this month making her our home on wheels

but on the weekend on a grey cold winters day we took bridget out on her maiden voyage

we headed down to the Big 4 park at Lemon Tree passage
with our Coite family

this is all our vans lined up in a row . . . 

it's pretty tough washing up to a view like this

would you like to see inside Bridget?

well this is my condiments rack full of my favourite stuff 
. . . . Tea . . . .

the princess bed ready for Miss M and Miss S and even cooper
and a nice comfy lounge, and of course my work station the sink

the Lord and Ladies bed . . . it was pretty comfortable 

so your probably thinking where is the table well at the moment we have chosen to travel without one, we have numerous camp tables and have decided we like the open space of the van without it 

ahh the Coite's what did they get up to

Well there were no M & Ms 

we did what we do best we . . . .  talked, 

we had some made lunatic driving

and we watched the sun go down  with a glass / bottle / mug of something warming in our hands

was it cold 
did we use the air conditioner

but great company can surpass anything

hope your hands are working on something that you love

until next time




Susan said…
Looks cosy and fun. Hope you get to go somewhere exotic in it over the holidays.
Anita said…
That's it...I am trading Colin the Coleman in for a Bridget!!! Glad you enjoyed your time away in your new palace !!
Fiona said…
Awesome van... and I do love hearing about the holidays... I hope you get to go on lots of trips... so we get lots of stories!!
Bridget will be perfect........
Lokks very flash compared to those Coite camping trip photos I've seen!! like lots of lovely Eggy household trips will be on the agenda, just hook up and go, no more packing for days........
Jenny said…
Just love Bridget! How lucky are you. The best camping is when your bed is already made when you get there!

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