Friday night with friends

Well i can't show you what i worked on on friday night, because i worked on my secret stitching. . . . . nearly done.

but what i can show you is a project that i completed recently

i have been part of a sewing class specifically created for my model sewing machine.
the classes are held at thorpe and co newcastle
and each month we are taught different skills and functions our machines can do

decorative stitches


the simple stunning difference a triple needle can make to an ordinary stitch

how to put an invisible zipper in and how to do cording

it was a great project and it was alot of fun playing with the machine

i hope your hands are working on something that you love


Googy Girl


Susan said…
Great idea to learn all the functions of your new machine, and on a useful project too.
well done.........i'm sure we could all use machine lessons........
Looks great Trish....good to use all the features on your machine..
Sisbabestitches said…
The cushion looks wonderful, and it so good to learn how to actually use your machine, I am still finding things I did not know about :) Great to get more secret sewing done, though yep so hard to post about, lol
Allie said…
That is really pretty - I think I need one of those classes myself!
I love all the fancy stitches....I very rarely move off straight on my machine....I need to try out some new ideas I think!!.....zippers scare me.....
Jenny said…
How cool , love the colours and the stitches

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