As usual life has been crazy in the egg house hold
lot's of running around
work, school, appointments ect ect
and now Miss S has her L's so we are on the road with her
she is very confident and loves being behind the wheel
last night Gadget took her from our place to Hamilton which is a pretty hair raising drive in just post peak hour traffic and Gadget was pretty happy with her skills.
he is a pretty hard judge so that say alot that after just 5 hrs of driving she is on the roads in Newcastle

she is keen as to drive to her grandmothers so i am thinking Sunday will be the day

this the progress on my Caring with quilts 
with the borders

prior to the borders going on
why do i always do on point quilts......those damn bias cuts
but i was smart this time and starched before cutting

okay so here is the decision part

i am making this bag at my Sewing classes at Thorpe and Co
last week i finally got the handles on and it is all but finished

do i finish it 

or with
 the little pink stripped edge along the top

what do you think?

hope your hand are working on a project that you love



Linda said…
I like it both ways...but I am leaning towards no pink stripe...I love the fabrics you chose! Good luck with the driving...I remember how that was with my boys! Have a great day!
Sisbabestitches said…
I like with :) I doubt that asking us will help with your decision though ;)
I like it with too even though it is still very pretty without. I remember the L plate days... scary stuff.
You are going to gladden someones heart with that lovely quilt.
Susan said…
Your quilt is looking great. I like the bag without the trim, the pink is already in the handles. Beautiful feature fabric.
Lorraine said…
Love the quilt! I prefer the bag without the pink trim....(for what it's worth)....enjoy your drive to Grandma's house!
Love the quilt. the bag is lovely too. Hummmm with without?...I like it both ways! .. Not much help am I? Xx
Jenny said…
I think I like it without the pink binding. Hope you have a wine or two for when you get home Sunday ...LOL..
It looks cute either way, but I would add the trim. =)

My youngest just got his license Tuesday. =)
the quilt looks great........goodluck with the driving......
Elins systue said…
Great quilt YouTube have Madeleine here

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