Another Special delivery . . . . .

this time from my post lady . . . . .

yesterday this very special parcel arrived at my place from
the first of the 
Traditional nine Patch Swap parcels

this one from

all beautifully sealed up in cliplock bags
(to protect the blocks of course)

arn't they just gorgeous
it's all getting very exciting

i now have 
Betty and Barbs blocks in my little cupboard along with
my own and let me tell you they are looking really 

are you guys sure you want these blocks, i may just keep them
. . . . LOL . . . .

i will post photo's of Betty's blocks
early next week

so to all the other 
Traditional Nine Patch Swappers
i hope this gives you some inspiration
to get stitching

hope i don't need to get the 
. . . egg slingshot out . . .

"hope your hands are working on a project that you love"



Fiona said…
those are awesome..... somehow I got the wrong message... I thought we were going on till September now..... sorry, sorry.... I will send mine off next week...
Susan said…
They do look good. Would you like the first six months now?
Oh Dear I am like Fiona I thought it was September as well....x
Anonymous said…
what a great idea and so much fun.xx
need a couple of bits to get mine done..........but I'll get them done.......yes are we going thru to September......
jfoster8 said…
Hi you want the first 6 months now?
They look great!..can't wait to get hold of them!!
I thought it was September too!!...but I am up to date.

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